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    Hi all,
    Wondering if anyone can help...

    I am renting a space for my business to store equipment but due to the massive cost I am sharing this space with a friend and we would like to build a stud wall down the middle with a door in the middle.
    I have built stud walls in the past but they have all been reasonably small spaces.

    Our workshop is 8m long by 11m wide.

    Normally I would put up a vertical stud then the floor plate, another wall stud and the ceiling plate and work more 400mm centred verticals from those.

    The space we have rented though has a suspended ceiling and above those 3 old metal trusses.

    I may be answering my own question but my idea is to run a 2x4 between these and bolt on to get my ceiling plate - is this the way the professionals would do it or just build a few frames and rely on the outside vertical fixed to the walls to hold the whole thing up? Seems to me that the length of the wall would need some fixing from above...

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    We recently partitioned a school classroom, with c section stud, light weight steel , it’s easy to fit,
    And good price, and non combustible ?

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    Think I'd probably run a length of unistrut across the trusses first to get a nice firm straight header. Rather than drilling the truss, I'd use one of the girder clamp fittings from the lindapter range.

    I've used unistrut in the past to make a header for a 6m stud wall across a shop, bolted to the side walls because I didn't want to touch the ceiling.
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    Great suggestion- that’s the way I’m going to go - thanks to all for their help and suggestions

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