Is It Ok To Run a 220v to 240v GU10 50Hz Lamp On 60 Hz?

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  1. JP.

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    Afternoon guys. Please see below info.

    • Power: 4W
    • Input Voltage: 220-240V/AC
    • LED Type: SMD LED Blue
    • Housing: Glass
    • Socket: GU10
    • Power Factor: 0.4
    • Driver: Internal Non-Dimmable
    • Beam Angle: 120°

    Right basically I am going to install some lighting abroad - the pd being 220v and the frequency is 60Hz, its for up/down lighting at entrance of property. Obtaining lamps generally be it led or otherwise is no problem in the country, but Blue GU10 lamps seem non existent.

    The specification shows pd is ok (220-240V/AC) but there is no mention of Hz. These lamps are ideal, and was wondering if ok to run on 60Hz? They may even be 50/60 Hz but that remains unknown at this present juncture.

    Thanks guys.
  2. JP.

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  3. Pollowick

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    Give LEDlite a call, they will be the only one to say.
  4. Bob Rathbone

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    The pf of 0.4 suggests that the voltage dropping unit is not a transformer or a SMPSU but a 'wattles dropper', a series capacitor that uses the value of Xc to drop voltage in a similar wat to a resistor, but without the heat and power loss, hence the name wattles dropper. When run on a higher frequency the capacitors reactance will be lower and more current will flow, about 10% more. This will overload other components in the lamp circuit and reduce its service life.
  5. JP.

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    Thanks very much Bob and Pollowick. Cant find any info on the Hz, and as to who actually manufactures the units is obscure. Guess its a no go and will have to look elsewhere. Thanks once again.
  6. Pollowick

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    Contact Ledlite
    We like to hear from our customers.

    Your feedback contributes to the development of Ledlite products. You can connect with us via the contact details below.
    • +44 (0) 1293 565 630
    Although 01293 is Crawley and that is where TLC originated - so it may be a trading name and have just had a look at the number and it is TLC !

    Have just done a quick search on Google and there are plenty of blue GU10 LEDs available in te UK including ones from Crompton although theirs are narrow beam, or Philips?
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    Hi Mr P - that's the number I used. Phoned them and got through to TLC and was given nothing definitive regarding Hz. As you say there are loads of blue GU10 Led lamps available in the UK, however none I have seen have got the 50/60 Hz use, only 50 Hz..plenty of 220/240v available though. Best try and source abroad I suppose. Thanks Pollowick.

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