Is it worth having chimney lined?

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by devnull10, Oct 16, 2021.

  1. devnull10

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    We live in a Victorian terrace which has a multi fuel stove. This was installed when we bought the property, and is connected directly into the chimney with no liner. It works fine though, never had any problems.
    Every time the sweep comes, he says it would be better lined. He doesn't do it himself so hasn't really got anything to gain from making such a recommendation, other than perhaps making his job a bit easier once a year! It's a bit of a faff as he removes the stove pipe to sweep through the hole (no hatches in register plate - it's just fireboard).
    Anyway, I had someone come out and look, and they quoted £750 parts and labour to install the liner, cowl on chimney, new register plate and new stove pipe with a sweeping door. I thought that was pretty reasonable (correct me if I'm wrong!!) as it's quite a tall stack, probably about 10 metres.
    However, my main query is what have I got to gain from getting it done? I know it's safer from a Carbon Monoxide risk (we have detectors already on all floors), and will be easier to sweep, but it is likely to say make the stove burn more efficiently? Top and bottom, is it worth spending 750 quid on for the benefits it'll give? The current install is a bit rubbish, and clearly done on the cheap by the previous owners.
  2. techie

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    A liner of the correct size, assuming the burner is in good nick will make it burn better, increase the pull and generally improve the situation. We just fitted a new clearview stove( because we had the same in the previous house) and fitted a stainless liner to the chimney. The pull is great and the fire is controllable from full blast to just about in.
    Regards cost, £500 is the amount we paid to a HETAS Guy including parts. Three men here for 4 hours and including the removal and replacement of some of the chimney bricks in the attic due to being unable to remove the old liner.

    The old liner was rotten,I was advised that was caused by the previous owner burning all kinds of scrap wood and other rubbish.
  3. devnull10

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    £500 seems very cheap for 3 guys at half day incl. materials? I worked out materials probably around £350, and they've said they'll do it in a day, which I imagine is a couple of guys as I'm sure it would be hard to do on your own.
    Current pull is pretty good actually, if anything it's too much as it literally incinerates logs lol. It's a tiger stove which I know are a bit rubbish, but don't really want to be splashing out another 800/1000 on a new stove at the same time.
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  4. techie

    techie Active Member

    You burning softwood then
  5. devnull10

    devnull10 Member

    Sometimes. I got a load free last year so may as well.
  6. GS63

    GS63 Member

    We had our chimney lined & our stove definitely burns more efficiently. We get through noticeably less wood. £750 sounds fine. ( There are different grades of liner ).

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