Is kitchen fitting a trade?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by kitcheneer, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. kitcheneer

    kitcheneer New Member

    No, it isn’t. Why not? Because kitchen fitting, at it’s highest level, is more than a trade, higher than a trade. Tradesmen are people who, because of their low self-esteem, need a piece of paper or a certificate which tells the world, and more importantly, themselves, that they are qualified to do a certain sort of job.
    On the other hand, a kitchen fitter has to have the self confidence, based on his acquired skill, to qualify himself.
  2. deadonmate

    deadonmate New Member

    Yes it is a trade......

    A trade for failed Carpenters & Joiners

  3. Yes kitchen fitters are tradesmen.

    A tradesman is an artisan or craftsman, and they are defined as manual workers who use a combination of hand tools and machinery to produce or manufacture something.

    Seems to me that kitchen fitters fit in that category.

    However like all trades there are degrees of skill and ability.
  4. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    SOME kitchen fittersare highly skilled all rounders and SOME keep me in work following them round and sorting out their plumbing lash-ups.

    Same as all trades I guess.
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  5. SOME kitchen fittersare highly skilled all rounders
    and SOME keep me in work following them round and
    sorting out their plumbing lash-ups.

    Same as all trades I guess.

    The thing that marks out a good tradesman is pride is his work and going that extra mile to ensure that your customer is delighted.

    Belonging to a trade organisation or having a string of qualifications is worthless if you turn out a poor job or are able to bodge it and get away with it.

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  6. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    I've got no objection to kitchen fitting being considered a trade it was the "No, it's more than a trade" ******. If a client asks me to fit a kitchen I tell them to get a kitchen fitter because they will be quicker, because they do it all the time, and cheaper, because thats all they can do.
  7. kitcheneer

    kitcheneer New Member

    I've got no objection to kitchen fitting being
    considered a trade it was the "No, it's more than a
    trade" ******.

    Of course it's more than a trade. Ordinary tradesman's point of view- as long as the water, gas or electricity etc comes out where it's supposed and nowhere else then that's fine. A kitchen fitter has to concern himself with more than the mere mechanics of what he is doing. He has to make the job look good too, quite often under very difficult circumstances such as wavy walls (wonder which tradesman caused that?), sloping floors, the list is endless.
    It may well be that he has to design the kitchen as well, or modify the inadequate design done by someone else. Yes, kitchen fitting, at it's highest level is more than a trade
  8. Clarkey

    Clarkey New Member

    Chippie, I think you need to get your head out your **** and open your eyes.

    I'm sorry mate but kitchen fitters make a whole lot more money than chippies....

    "Because thats all they can do" How immensely ignorant are you??? My father who is a kitchen fitter of 30+ years is easily the most skilled trades man I have ever met.

    When we have sparks on our jobs, they ask him for advice on electrics!! (He would do it himself but cant be bother with certs etc...but I will be in 2 years time =) )....

    My father is an amazing plumber to...basically my dad can do anything in a house, except build one!

    So think before you speak! or you look like the fool you are now.

    Seriously some of the **** people come out with, especially chippies. I have yet to meet a chippie who hasn't botched up a kitchen.

    The company we work for does alot of remedials and change work tops/doors 'make over' type thing ans we're asked to sometimes... and every kitchen that has been fitted by a chippie we go to has so many mistakes and looks awful... mistakes such as plumbing putting pipe work in units that not necessary, **** butt and scribes....

    I know not all chippies are **, but i don't think its a coincidence that most cant fit kitchens.... naivety comes into mind....

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  9. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    So, if I make someone, notice the make not buy, a wardrobe I don't have to be concerned about walls or floors? I have to design the wardrobe according to the clients needs and not just pick one off a shelf and after it's made and fitted I've got to paint it.
    In the last 2 weeks I have either made, fixed or quoted on installing sash windows, casement windows, a bookcase, a wardrobe, a shed, doors, a set of steps, shelves, decking, a loft ladder, boarding out a loft, 3 garden gates, replacing all the double glazing units in a 4 bed house, some ornamental metal work, fencing panels, a theatre set for a pantomime, a new reality TV show, a conservatory and someone asked me if I wanted to fit a kitchen but I told them to get a kitchen fitter in for the last job as they would be quicker and cheaper, but if you want something made out of wood get a carpenter.
    And my dad would beat your dad.
  10. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    semi skilled like tiling.mind you they do nvq in tiling now.
    city and guilds don't recognise kitchen fitting as a time served trade.
    how many kitchen fitters have indenture's.errr none.
    chap next door was once a piano tuner now all of a sudden he's a time served kitchen fitter.
    how longwas your apprenticeship i asked.6 months he replied.
    say no more.
  11. kitcheneer

    kitcheneer New Member

    how longwas your apprenticeship i asked.6 months he
    say no more.

    Like I was saying earlier, kitchen fitting is not a trade, it's higher than a trade. A good kitchen fitter (not all of them are good) doesn't need someone else's piece of paper to say whether or not he can do the job, he proves he can do the job every day.

    It's very similar to saying Paul McCartney isn't a musician. He's never been to college and can't read a note of music, but he's produced more music than an entire orchestra.
  12. craftycornice

    craftycornice New Member

    Are you a good fitter kitcheneer ? Cos i find those who speak a lot of b*****e usually are not !!
    Also was you bullied as a child ? As all you seem to do now is put people down to make yourself look better.
    A word of advice its alright spouting ** on a chat site but just be a bit more hesitant in front of other trdesmen cos there replies might not contain words.

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  13. craftycornice

    craftycornice New Member

    On second thoughts it could be small * syndrome......

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  14. kitcheneer

    kitcheneer New Member

    On second thoughts it could be small penis

    Well, you didn't complain last time I used it on, or rather, in, you.
  15. Herr Trigger

    Herr Trigger New Member

    lets face it everyone, whatever you do day in day out for a living becomes skilled to a point that a newcomer would not keep up with you or do as good a job.

    Some people might never be as good as you given time to learn. i see this all the time, my work is a recognised trade in America and Oz, over here it isnt but we are still expected to do a sterling job.
  16. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    So this "super trade" can only work in one room of a house, has a designer to tell him what goes where, may/may not have to assemble some flat pack, shouldn't touch the gas, electric or plumbing and in these days of granite worktops doesn't need to mitre joints. Sounds more like a handyman. No wonder the poles are taking over.
  17. Herr Trigger

    Herr Trigger New Member


    at least jonny foreigner cant nick my position or my work for that matter.

  18. bernieeccles

    bernieeccles Member

    I can only speak for myself and I would certainly describe myself as a tradesman and a skilled one at that.I can do absolutely everything thats involved in fitting a kitchen,everything !

    I don't do electrics now because of the certification requirements and quite frankly,I enjoy being able to delegate these to someone else.

    Kitchen fitting is one of those jobs that looks easy and for me it is because I have many years experience fitting kitchens in all sorts of houses new and old and I know how to get around the problems that occur,but judging by the many people that come here asking for advice, some people
    can'y even manage the simple stuff.

    I take great pride in my work including the stuff that gets hidden away.You will never find any of my pipework that is not either vertical or horizontal and there is never a trace of verdigris over the copper pipes.

    I too have seen a few kitchens and utility rooms done by site joiners and wondered how these six inch nail merchants get away with it.Worktops cut with a panel saw for instance,unsealed cutouts,ragged and poor fitting cornice and pelmet joints and generally **** and poor attention to detail.

    Lets be honest,there are some rubbish "professional" fitters who give the trade a bad name and there are some really good guys out there who produce works of art.

    Kitchen fitting is not just hanging a couple of cabinets on a wall it is much more than that.

    As a kitchen fitter,I have lost count the number of times I have got a kitchen designer out of the ** because they have overlooked something or maybe used a rubber tape measure.

    So is kitchen fitting a trade,well put it this way,when you are spending £20000 or £10000 or whatever in you own house,would you rather have a guy who has been doing it for years,know whats what or the chippy that basically uses a hammer and panel saw all day long.

    Oh and by the way,I don't think I have ever been to a job where the first fix,both plumbing and electrics have been done by others not connected to our trade have been done right.By right I mean as required positionally for the kitchen as planned,even when we give them a copy of the plan.Sometimes we even mark up and explain where things need to go and they still get it wrong,eg, a socket behind an integrated dishwasher,hot and cold pipes for the sink in the wrong spot etc etc.

    Enough I think !

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  19. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    I'm not knocking good tradesmen, it's the "It's more than a trade" ** that gets my goat.

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  20. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    Oh and that tradesmen are people with low self esteem who need a certificate to do a job, bunch of @rse.

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