Is there a reason why my builder has only put 1 screw in this freezer?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by GeorgeOKelly, Jun 13, 2024.

  1. GeorgeOKelly

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    Can't think of any technical reason.
    1)Because he's not a kitchen fitter?
    2)Had his tea break and forgot?
    3)Ran out of screws?
    4)To save you time when you need to replace it?

    Whatever the reason hopefully all you need to do to rectify the problem is to just pop a couple of screws in - where the holes are in the steel plate - and 'chill out' - by defrosting your freezer :)
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  3. Bob Rathbone

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    If everything else that the builder did meets your expectations you are very fortunate to have found that builder, I would forget about this and just put in another screw or two.
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  4. RegB

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    Don't know, but what's off level (or is it both the worktop and the freezer?
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  5. arrow

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    Was going to post the same thing, somethings out.
  6. Rulland

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    Your freezer also needs defrosting:p
  7. Derevonian

    Derevonian New Member

    Have the screws came out and fall off?
  8. GeorgeOKelly

    GeorgeOKelly New Member

    I don’t think so since there is no hole.

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