Is there an issue with my roof?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by YoungPup, Oct 14, 2021.

  1. YoungPup

    YoungPup New Member

    Hello there. Have found a cover from a plasterboard tile inside the loft flap down exposing the plasterboard. Also over the summer from one side of the roof have been been having little grey pieces of rock(well brittle stone like material) dropping down at random. Those appear to be the very side/edge of the roof directly under the tiles.

    Inside the loft in one area there are black marks over the plasterboard tiles. Now there for a long long time been marks on these tiles, but outside the roof where the grey bits are falling off I'm seeing some dark areas so I'm becoming paranoid. Can anyone tell from these poor quality images whether I have a major roof issue before I call out a roofer.

    I've attached photos but understand you might not be fully able to tell from them.

    Oh. The area with most of the black areas inside the loft is to the left of the photos taken outside. Above the bathroom where I have recenty replaced an extractor fan that was broken for 2 years

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  2. Bob256

    Bob256 Active Member

    The grey stuff is just mortar. I believe the technical term for the exposed tile edge on a gable end is a "verge" and it looks like it needs rebedding. I wouldn't expect this to be a massive job, at least compared with a major roof issue, but others might have more insight.

    The reason for the mortar bed is to prevent rain from getting under the tiles at that edge, so it is possible that it is the source of what you see in the loft.
  3. GRH

    GRH Active Member

    I may be wrong, but it looks like plasterboard has been used to lay the batons and tiles on, looks like it has got damp and is sagging with black mold growth. I have never seen that type construction before and I have been in a few rooves. It might be worth getting someone to at least look at it and make recommendations.
  4. Bob256

    Bob256 Active Member

    That's a good point. I hadn't looked closely at the internal photos and assumed the loft had just been plasterboarded over, but these boards seem to be directly under the tiles.

    There is an old thread where someone mentions something similar, where they were worried it could be asbestos. In the event it wasn't, but perhaps it would be worth checking here.
  5. YoungPup

    YoungPup New Member

    My house is pretty much made in the same time period to that old thread, 1969-73 most likely. My dad put in a extractor fan about 23 years ago as he was worried about condensaton in that area, but in general from what I can remember the plasterboard tiles have always had a bit of a sag all over and a dirty appearance(in the area in question). It probably does need an eye ran over it though.

    Begging a question. How should the roof be made because it's a 50 year old house so seems to be doing ok in that respect

    Oh another question. My dad(ill) for the cover that has come loose says glue it back. Thin wood panel pressed against it and then a square wooden frame pressed against that and screwed into rafters. Any idea what kind of glue I'd need?
  6. YoungPup

    YoungPup New Member

    Hello again. Just to update the thread as have had a roofer out who says there is no immediate issue with inside or outside, but maybe in 5-10 years with the age of the house.

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