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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Dyke Pullover, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. ODB

    ODB New Member

    I disagree there Hotdog. Personally I would say a man is defined by how they rectify the mistakes they have made not the mistakes they have made themselves. Thats the way I have always worked anyway.

    To purely go on the company someone keeps would be narrow minded. If I knock about with criminals, doesnt mean I am one. If I knock about with people of an Ethnic minority doesnt mean I am one. If I knock about with Police, doesnt mean I am one, etc, etc, etc

    or the most obvious definiton would be to say a pair of knackers
  2. Dyke Pullover

    Dyke Pullover New Member

    Yes yes yes 100 posts was begining to wonder if it was going to happen.
  3. Hillbilly Kid

    Hillbilly Kid New Member

    Whilst you may not be 'one' ODB the risk is that if you hang around with gangsters some day you will get shot.
  4. ODB

    ODB New Member

    Indeed Hillbilly but you see my point
  5. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    Just look at the ponty/iws saga.
  6. ODB

    ODB New Member

    "Just look at the ponty/iws saga. "

    Yeah whats that about? which is the real Ponty and the fake one? and how many does the fake one have and WTF does he reply to himself for?

    Basically can someone explain WTF its all about
  7. Dyke Pullover

    Dyke Pullover New Member

    Who knows! No e-mail chippie never mind you will get the hang of it one day you need to click on send! I dont know someone does a rabbit hutch and they all of a sudden think there a carpenter!
  8. ODB

    ODB New Member

    and what happened to that LOVER person? is that the \|/ person?
  9. wettneck

    wettneck New Member

    Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the ODB,I said hip hop hippit and Standalone,wheres my mummy forum.
    You guys are soooo funny,perhaps you could just * to another forum and bore the * of someone else PLEASE

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  10. ODB

    ODB New Member

    Wettneck I aint trying to be funny...shockingly you are!

    Your not funny, I fail to see anything funny in any of your posts...but I do laugh at you. At least I have something to say, your only arguement is to insult and swear...

    OH GOD NO I'm crying so hard I really am! God what is it with people on here just wanting to insult people, only seen a few who can do it without just calling people names. Well done you can swear big wow, want a certificate?

    185 Moronic posts,....well done! Didnt you tell Loz to grow up the other day? POT/KETTLE/BLACK
  11. wettneck

    wettneck New Member

    Trouble is with you Gobby!!,youll get no sense from me.
  12. ODB

    ODB New Member

    "Trouble is with you Gobby!!,youll get no sense from me. " are right, I dont think I or others ever will

    ah diddums....STFU & GTFO ;)
  13. wettneck

    wettneck New Member

    ah diddums....STFU & GTFO ;)

    Its a Rap,now do one.
  14. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    Well I never thought the day would come, but...

    I'm now a fan of wettie!
  15. ODB

    ODB New Member

    "Its a Rap,now do one. "

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AWFUL joke, your bad at this arent you?!

    stick to your Daniel O'Donnell son, you aint got a clue
  16. wettneck

    wettneck New Member

    I love Daniel!!! better than being a wrinkly old has been Rappa :^O :^O
  17. ODB

    ODB New Member

    "I love Daniel!!! better than being a wrinkly old has been Rappa"

    LOL...nice one

    you just proved you know F all! He's been dead for a few years now


    Self-Ownification, LOVE IT!

    Like I said...your not very good at this!
  18. wettneck

    wettneck New Member

    He will be wrinkly if hes dead,do you think he was Rapped in muslin after he died,I said hip hop YO there baby.:^O :^O
  19. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Count me in the wettneck fan club too!

    Anyone who can see Loz is a cowboy and ODB is a wet blanket is alright with me. ;)
  20. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    That c... ODB is a BG employee & part time * for Loz.

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