I've been mugged!

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by mortonjag, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. mortonjag

    mortonjag New Member

    I'm not a plumber - just a very competent DIYer, but listen guys, I CAN make a Speedfit joint. I was doing compressions and 'Yorkshires' thirty years ago!!!

    I recently refurbished a kitchen for a 'friend'. Just before I finished she turned nasty, forced me out, and paid me nothing. I've successfully sued her - BUT the flat downstairs was flooded five months after I was 'binned'. The emergency plumber said that an elbow on the cold supply to the kitchen tap blew because there was no insert -OK you say -we all have those 'off' days, but he claims that all four inserts were missing from both elbows (to hot and cold)!!! Now I've had a letter from Loss Adjusters who are trying to hold me responsible for the insurance pay out.

    Here's my question. I was taken on as a 'friend'. She knew I'm not a tradesman, and knew I'm not insured for public liability, so assuming I was high on Evostik that day and DID forget four inserts (ha effin ha)who is ultimately responsible.

    Needless to say I'm certain there was malicious damage and I'm having that investigated.

  2. ThreadJacker

    ThreadJacker Active Member

    Morning mortonjag,

    This is why I never use push fits.

    It sounds like she got all she deserves, I hope her flat was ruined aswell.

    Why did she give you the boot, time of the month?.

    The words 'paid work' and 'no public liability insurance' are bad news I'm afraid. :(
  3. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    1. You did paid work for which you are NOT insured.

    2. Something must have been amiss with your work or why would your friend not pay?

    3. You MUST always use the speedfit inserts. If they are missing that is very poor plumbing on your part.

    You are clearly a cowboy and have reaped what you have sown.
  4. musky1

    musky1 New Member

    With a bit of luck Moron!!, yer knob will drop off aswell.Try Diydreadnoughts?,theyre bigger idiots than us. :^O :^O
  5. mortonjag

    mortonjag New Member

    You are very kind!

    Hopefully my serious question will eventually be read by a plumber with half a brain.

    Typical knee jerk reaction from some **** who thinks you need a City and Guilds to know how to stick a couple of bits of PVC together!
  6. GKU

    GKU New Member

    "Typical knee jerk reaction from some **** who thinks
    you need a City and Guilds to know how to stick a couple of bits of PVC together!"

    LOL - well you certainly could have done wiv a C&G in sticking a couple of bits of pvc together :^O :^O
  7. Copper Dragon

    Copper Dragon New Member

    Not exactly competant then.
  8. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    don't worry ernie ;) try turning the blame on speedfit, putting the case that, their instuctions on how to fit the pipes are not clear enough for a moron like yourself, this won't get you far, put it might delay the outcome of the court case and allow you a few months to find rental accomadation before they take your house :^O
  9. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    You're going to get sued for doing paid work & not having insurance son. All Legal cost + the damage etc.
    Be prepared to lose your house!!!...................Never laughed so much since the wife died..............LOL!!!!
  10. chris@vietec.com

    chris@vietec.com New Member

    You state that you are not a plumber, you are a DIYer and that you carried out the work as a friend, you then claim you sued her for not paying you, how did you manage that, you are not a business, so it would be difficult to give the lady in question quotations and invoices on headed paper, I do not see how you successfully sued her.
    But to answer your question, you carried out the plumbing connections, these have subsequently failed, it is your responsibility, unless you can prove that someone else had intefered with these connections after you left.
    I would be interested to know why she forced you out, especially if you were supposed to be a freind.
  11. paddyodoors

    paddyodoors New Member

    u should count ur self lucky the gas hob didnt blow aswell but thats low pressure so u might get away without an insert hehe do u drive a white transit with gas house on the side as i think u was on the telly last night
  12. john atko

    john atko New Member

    Out of interest, if the pushfit fittings were used on copper pipe, than no inserts would have been needed.
    Do you get many pushfit fittings that blow after such a long period of time. I am starting to worry now, as I have also got two pushfit elbows on my kitchen sink.
  13. sussexplumb1

    sussexplumb1 New Member

    Well you won't get uch sympathy on here!!

    Basically you shouldn't have done the job be it your mistake or the customer from hell. Best thing you could do would be to go to the citizens advice centre.
  14. Copper Dragon

    Copper Dragon New Member

    Did he use a pipe slice did he debur the pipes did he put a little plumbing grease on the fitting. Did he fully engage the pipes? Who knows :)
  15. Notinmymums Forest

    Notinmymums Forest New Member

    sorry bro.....but your post is full of contradictions,firstly you state you are competent.....for the reasons you have mentioned you are not.
    then,you seem to be asking for reassurence from the lads that you have potentially taken work from.
    from what i can figure you hold yourself in a high esteem with comments like" i have been making joints for 30 years" and "i didnt realise you needed c & g to do speedfit".......with all due respect if i were you i would question my ability and even perhaps eat a small wedge of humble pie....your a DIYer therefore you should expect no personal gain or at least be held accountable.at what point does a "competent DIYer think he is competent to service a gas fire of open flued boiler.......just a thought.
  16. tightenit

    tightenit New Member

    You made a mistake and it leaked - end of. That's why we need to pay insurance fees to cover ourselves against such errors.Competent and experienced plumbers leave leaks too, it goes with the job when you're working under pressure and doing hundreds a week.
    A plumbers worst night mare is a leak I'm afraid but forget that now, the issue is dealing with the loss adjusters.
    You have no counter evidence against the emergency plumbers statement I take it? Your uninsured negligence cost them money in damages to their property.Get a solicitor now, some do initial free consultations.
  17. Cornish Crofter

    Cornish Crofter New Member

    Sorry I'm with the others here.

    Public Liability insurance is a MUST.

    There are some tradesmen that don't have it but this is the reason I would not recommend trading without it.

    Solicitor NOW.
  18. sinewave

    sinewave Screwfix Select

    Bet the OP is pooping his pants now! :^O
  19. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

    ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttteeeeeeeee :)
  20. mortonjag

    mortonjag New Member

    Thanks crofter.I've been in touch with my solicitor today. I asked him what he thinks about DIY conveyancing and his reply was that many people do it extremely well.

    Thankfully he isn't a self satisfied clown as most of today's posters clearly are. I guess all the real plumbers are out there working of a Friday!

    Oh, and he actually listened to my story and we're going ahead and suing for malicious damage.

    Thanks a bunch guys. May your next jobbies be hedgehogs.

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