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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Kirby Castle, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Kirby Castle

    Kirby Castle New Member

    Im with the NICEIC Steve, how do you find out about
    all their expectations over and above what the regs
    state? Only way i get information from them is via
    the connections magazine sent through a few times a
    year, asked them to send me info about the trust mark
    scheme over a month ago but still havent heard

    It was something that came up in conversation on my DISQ course - I think JBs are brilliant, a great way of wiring and safe - I cannot for the life of me understand why hey need to be accessable.

    I came up with this scenario - it is unacceptable to fit them under the floorboards but it IS acceptable to have the cables emerging from behind a skirting board and screw the JB to the wall. Now I know that most people would find this unsightly, but it does meet the regs - it also is well dangerous because the cover on JBs can easily be "unscrewed" with a fingernail or the likes.

    Hence why I asked about oher ideas

  2. madmaz

    madmaz New Member

    they need to be accessible because there terminations are vprone to vibrating loose causing serious problems.
  3. madmaz

    madmaz New Member

    vprone - i mean prone
  4. prosparks

    prosparks New Member

    not sure what your fingernail look like but i have problems getting into them with a decent terminal driver !! lol
  5. EH59 AMP

    EH59 AMP New Member

    I have tried all the different ways , loop in rose, loop in back box etc. I dont like looping in back box because you end up taking too many cables to the light switches so it makes the installation look too "busy", plus terminating and cramming those cable into a 25mm back box doen't seem right to me.
    especially if in future a dimmer or chunky chrome/brass switch wants fitting.
    (by DIYer with ham fists)
    So now i always loop at ceiling , if its a posh fitting, I drill a spot light hole behind plate big enough to slip a choc box in and loop off that.
    I alway try and get the end of line to be the outside light where i use a DP switch.
  6. X

    X New Member

    Not even if its accessible from below...

    Above the light fitting for example ?
  7. X

    X New Member

    Sorry EH54AMP

    I went off to make a cuppa before pressing the button to post.. and missed your reply.
  8. Real Spark

    Real Spark New Member

    A roll of PVC tape for me

    Every time
  9. sinewave

    sinewave Screwfix Select

    Don't ya mean Binding wire & Black Tape? ;)
  10. Real Spark

    Real Spark New Member

    Warning tape (can’t be to careful you know) with rubber band does nicely

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