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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Mala3419, Sep 19, 2021.

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    About 3 weeks ago we have had a engineered wood floor put down(tongue and groove), whilst it was being laid we pointed out to the joiner that there was a couple of boards that had a little damage on them, and he said not to worry, his solution in the end was brown silicone, which i said was not acceptable. So hes came back 3 times since now, and his solution is to cut it out with his multi tool, and glueing a new board in, issue with this is that the boards still dont sit flush, which is a problem as its just a real wood veneer. I also think hes siliconed them down. Where they have been cut out, it also creaks, which i understand might happen, but its only in the 2 areas where the remedial works has been done. Theres also a couple of gaps opened up, albeit small but it is a concern that its moved arounf one of the areas hes worked on.

    Hes coming back on thursday to put filler in these gaps, but i get the feeling its being bodged, is cutting a board like this out the right way to go? I feel like it should have been taken apart and put back together. What do you think i should do from here? I feel like he had a huge amount of money (£500) for not alot of work (8 hours of tongue and groove) and i as it is i could have done better myself.

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