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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by ambidextrious, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. ambidextrious

    ambidextrious New Member

    Info would be much appreciated.
    Due to redundancy yesterday( told 5 mins before finish ),self employed route is probably the way to have a crack at now. Average ££`s prices being charged for hourly rates/daily would be much appreciated. North West based.
  2. wuddy

    wuddy Member

    if you are doing private work
    costs/overheads + desired income divided by the number of days you wish to work or can realistically find work for

    if you are doing site work it is mostly priced based and very low at the moment

    if you can earn £120 a day your not doing too bad

    where in the north west are you?
  3. ambidextrious

    ambidextrious New Member

    Cheers for reply kevsid........Lancs/mside
    Private work? Ball park figs an hour/day?
  4. wuddy

    wuddy Member

    probably the same applies, if you can earn £120 per day at the moment your not doing bad, but to get £120 a day you still need to do your sums to allow for quiet times

    i dont do private work myself but most people will want a price on a job rather than an hourly rate so you need to keep your prices reasonable to get the work to get you started but high enough to make it pay and not just believe you are making x amount without doing your sums.

    you need to run a van pay for tools pay for insurance get a good accountant etc. etc.

    no point going out there and ******* off all the other joiners in the area by working for nothing but believing you are really making money, then 12 months down the line finding you cant pay your bills
  5. wuddy

    wuddy Member

    i cant edit my post but where i said earn £120 per day just for clarity i mean make £120 not charge £120 remember there is a big difference
  6. ambidextrious

    ambidextrious New Member

    Cheers for the info.appreciated............You mean £120 labour per actual day is the ball park fig then, coming out of price of the jobs quoted.
  7. wuddy

    wuddy Member

    i couldnt tell you as i have no idea what people charge but if you charge £120 per day how will you know how much of that to draw as a wage?

    how much did you earn before you were laid off?
  8. dryliner essex

    dryliner essex New Member

  9. chippy260

    chippy260 New Member

    Im in North West area and currently charge around £11 per hour for general 1st/2nd fix, anything with a bit of nonce ie, bespoke furniture (production of drawings/ specs ect, I will look for around £13 per hour.
    Unfortunately, charging these rates will just about (and have) kept me in full time work (9-5 average).
    I have 2 nvq level 2s in carpentry/joinery + advanced craft level 3 C+G together with heavy roofing experience and fully competent with all aspects of kitchen fits (including plumbing/tiling/patch plastering/paintingect.
    18 years experience I could of got a masters degree in law twice over plus other quals and earning 150,000 per year, wot a waste of life!!!
  10. George Manship

    George Manship New Member

    wow chippy260 £11-13 per hour,I know this is 7 years ago but that is way to low do you take your tax out of that? you should be charging at least £20/hour. The golden rule is to charge the going rate not what the customers thinks your worth remember you could be working for that lawyer who earns 150k a year who cannot practically do this work, or has not got the time to him your worth his weight in gold. Most people would charge the lawyer more than £20/hour I could not do this as I am to fair, but do not under sell yourself.
  11. chippie244

    chippie244 Well-Known Member

    How much work are you getting and at what rate?
  12. George Manship

    George Manship New Member

    shed loads, and depends on what trade but usually the going rate to my area North West same as you.
  13. chippie244

    chippie244 Well-Known Member

    A touch evasive there George.
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  14. dwlondon

    dwlondon Active Member

    he gets paid in empty sheds.............

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