Joinery, plumbing/gas and electrician apprenticeship Sheffield

Discussion in 'Apprentice Talk' started by Blade1889, Jul 26, 2020.

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    Does anyone know of any apprenticeships going for a 16yr old lad who left school early due to Coronavirus.

    He’s looking at either joinery/carpentry, plumbing/heating or electrician.

    He’s already got his college place sorted for either joinery/carpentry, plumbing or electrical via Sheffield college but currently struggling to find any businesses that are requiring an apprentice in the construction industry as there’s not much advertised.

    All GCSE grades are in order and he can’t start ASAP.

    Thank you
  2. Jord86

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    He'd be better off phoning round the local trades, being polite and seeing if there's an opening with a small firm of a couple of blokes or one man band that will hopefully have a bit of time to devote rather than a medium sized or larger firm that may just use him for cheap labour. No firm will be interested if he's got GCSE's or not. At 16 and not being able to drive he is at an unfortunate disadvantage straight away. And I'm not saying this would be the case, but it would look far better from an employers perspective if your son contacted companies off his own back, rather than you do it for him. Good luck.

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