Joining 10.0mm cable.

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by jeff_w, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. gerrin2owd

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    Regarding "joints" and enclosures I suggest anyone interested in doing it the correct way look up regs 422-01-04 and then 526-03-01 and 526-03-02.

    For the record sifi my arms are like Arnies (cant spell his surname):)
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    Also meant to say, the Crabtree 50A pullswitch (sfx code 90597) is best I've found for terminating 10mm. It looks a bit chunky, but has loads of room. You need to follow the instructions and make 2 holes in the ceiling for cables. The sfx on line description is cock-eyed, but it's ok in the catalogue.
  3. lastword

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    WHAT??? Give me strength! What is wrong with c0ck-eyed??
  4. ban-all-sheds

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    It's got an obscene word in it, of course.

    This is getting out of hand - I wonder if I can get a post through pointing people at the diydick website?
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    OK - that worked. What about "DIY Dick"?
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    Coq-au-vin is a famous traditionl dish in the repertoire of French cooking.

    For the best flavour it should be made with an actual cock, not a hen, and certainly not from breast portions. I prefer a bird which has been properly hung, with its intestines left in, which I then draw. It's a messy task, and it gets your hands all bloody, but it does produce the best results. My best friend Dick is very fond of this dish, and I quite often cook it when he comes to dinner.

    Talking of birds, I'm a keen amateur ornithologist. I'm not an expert, but I do like to watch them in my garden. The **** are my favourite - I love their acrobatics. In our garden we get Blue ****, Great ****, Coal **** and the occasional Long Tailed ***. I also like seabirds - the shag is a nice looking bird.
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    The WHAT? - It got bleeped!!
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    Same as a type of carpet, or a dance (in America).

    Interestingly, where posts do get censored, if you reply and quote the original you get to see the original words.

    Must admit when I wrote that I expected more bleeps than I got.
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    Q. What is the difference between a s**g and a cormorant?

    A. I dont know, I've never had a cormorant.

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