Joining misaligned 15mm copper pipe

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Hi, I'm installing an outside tap, I have the 15mm pipe through the wall the tap in connect, but the

  1. how can join the them up

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  2. what fitting do I need

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  1. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Well-Known Member

    If I'm understanding the problem, you can remove pipe from the T but not from the plastic iso valve ?

    Try this;

    Remove iso valve complete with pipe from T

    Place iso valve on a damp cloth on flat surface, so pipe is sticking up vertically

    Place a pair of plumbing grips or adjustable spanner loosely around pipe and onto collar

    Push collar down with grips whilst pulling pipe up at same time

    Obviously having 3 hands or a 2nd person here helps

    I think that the serrated grab ring digs into the copper and has to move before the collar can release

    Or some have sharp metal teeth embedded into plastic collar. Again these dig into copper and have to be free before collar can move

    Pushing down with grips with fitting removed just gives more leverage

    Worth a try ;)
  2. The Teach

    The Teach Well-Known Member

    Better off running it in copper from a new 15mm equal tee on the whats looks like a painted 15mm copper supply to the wc cistern. If its mains water supply a double check valve is required between the service valve and os tap.

    undo any plastic fittings then give the plastic fittings a good sharp pull,they will pop off believe me they like to pop off :D
  3. Mr John Melvin

    Mr John Melvin Active Member


    Has the skill of just bending a bit of 15mm/ I/2 inch with a spring to suit
    the out of line problem just been lost over time.

    Johnny M
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  4. Dansan

    Dansan New Member

    Thanks for all the replies I got it sorted

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