Joisted floor underfloor heating sub-floor choice

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by ChrisZeroG, Oct 3, 2020.

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    Hi folks,

    I'm wanting to install UFH during a kitchen renovation. It's joisted floor and the layer plan is:
    1. batten between the joists
    2. PIR layer
    3. UFH pipes surrounded in sand/cement biscuit mix up to level with top of joists
    4. "structural floor"
    5. thin LVT as the finished floor
    My question is which material to use for the structural floor element that sits on the joists and transfers the heat up to the finished floor. People talk about the old "Hardie" cement fibre floor as being the best option, but that's no longer available in the UK. STS "No More Ply" seems like a similar 22mm T&G cement fibre board, but the thermal conductivity (0.2) is only marginally better than that of Caberfloor P5 (0.14), so is it actually much better? The cost is a lot higher, so just want to be sure I'm not paying lots for a small improvement.

    Anyone got experience using normal P5 chipboard (or similar) for this type of UFH? Does it let the heat through? Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice :)


    "No More Ply" -->

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