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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Mark Atkin-Barrett, Oct 12, 2017.

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    I'm trying to write a safe system of work for using a "jump starter" to power a 12v pump. The type of jump starter i'm talking about is the type typically used for jump starting cars.

    The jump starter I will be using is the Phase 4 in1 jump starter available in Halfords.


    Phaze 4-in-1 Jump Starter

    The Phaze 4-in-1 Jump Starter is suitable for up to 2 litre petrol and diesel engines and for use on all types of gel, standard, maintenance free and wet batteries. It has a 17 amp charging power with a sealed lead acid, which is non-spillable and maintenance free.

    Phaze 4-in-1 Jump Starter Extra Info

    Suitable for vehicles with petrol or diesel engines up to 2000cc

    2 x 12V DC power supply sockets

    USB power supply that’s suitable for MP3 players, phone chargers, games consoles etc.

    LED work lamp for clear visibility

    Easy to read charging/battery status

    Fully insulated battery clips with 600mm leads

    17ah internal battery

    Manufactured to European Electrical Safety Standards

    Input: 230V AC (Charging Adapter)

    350 Amp (intermittent recommended max)


    I'm trying to understand the risks involved and necessary precautions which need to be followed.

    All advice welcome.


  2. Isitreally

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    Why are you using this instead of a proper 12 volt supply.
  3. MGW

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    I have had batteries explode specially in a hot environment so really goggles are a must, selecting googles is however a problem, sealed so acid can't pass them also means they mist up so errors more likely. So one needs to assess the risk, would safety glasses be better because they will not mist up, however clearly there also needs to be a method to wash off acid, coupled to this a VRLA battery has less free acid and is in the main safer.

    I was trained on how to jump start and simple things like not leaning over the battery clearly help and so does having a method of making the connection with a relay which this unit does.

    However the court cases have made it clear that people must be trained, and that is a major problem as not only do you need to tell some one what to do, you must also test to show they understand what you have told them. I am not sure what the HSE would have said if they knew, but I cheated, I would issue the questionnaire before the lecture knowing full well it would be filled in as I spoke, but did not care, it showed to anyone in the future they had been not only told but understood what had been said.

    What I am saying it is just a get of of jail free card and half the time you know full well they will do it their own way once your back is turned. In the main the safety features are built in, and only you can decide how far to go.
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    pacman-emoticon.png Is the pump going to be used for supplying oxygen to aquatic species Mark? - ie fish, turtles, Koi Carp and other types of marine life
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  5. MGW

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    If it will be used on a regular basis consider using fork lift connector, I assume the pump is petrol not used much so often needs a jump start, if however you want a 12 volt power supply so you have a simple UPS then looking as having a battery charger with is pulse modulated or float, the standard trickle or stage battery charger is designed to charge a battery when there is no drain from the battery, if you are both charging and using a battery this can trick the battery charger into thinking the battery is more discharged as it really is, so it can over charge the battery.
  6. Gluggy

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    Why not use a purpose made portable 12v power supply instead or trying to use a jump start that just happens to have a 12V cigarette lighter style output?

    As well as being better suited to the job it may make the paperwork easier - admittedly its been many years since last saw a "safe system of work" but won't all the added bits and bobs on the jump start need to be taken into account when writing it?

    On a side note have have you calculated the power draw of the pump /run time required to work out the battery capacity needed?
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    I'm glad we're both against 'the flow' at times JP? ;)
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