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  1. Lori23

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    Can anyone please tell me what is wrong here as the kickboard doesn't look right to me and the panels come to far forward.
    Thank you

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  2. kitfit1

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    Lorraine, when you ordered the kitchen were you aware it would have end panels between each base cab ?
  3. Lori23

    Lori23 Member

    Not sure would have to look on the order, but the panels come to far forward don't they?
  4. Lori23

    Lori23 Member

    The only panel on the order is a decorative end panel but do remember the fitter getting something he said was missing. The kickboard has only just been put on because I had to wait a week for him to come back and lay the floor first.
  5. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Oh dear, doesn’t look right at all, terrible in fact as you suspect

    Wonder why there is an end panel between each base unit ? Was it to stop there being a gap at one end

    Did you have any detailed plans on how kitchen would be fitted, with either drawn or printed pictures

    Unless this was a specified detail or part of the design of the kitchen, it looks very wrong and, how many kitchens have you seen that have this ’feature’

    All those edges will be very prone to knocks, damage and chips over the years, also water damage from spills and mopping floor, unless base has been sealed or a seal strip to be fitted - same with plinths

    Who has supplied and fitted - builder, independant, national company or other - time for a chat with them I recon

    Part payment made but not full payment we hope :) ? Good luck
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  6. Lori, your kitchen clearly isn't fully finished as the fitter hasn't removed the protective tape from these panels.

    I wonder what edge colour it'll reveal...?

    Yes, this is not 'normal' and I can only think - as Dave says - that it was a 'clever' way of adding a series of 18mm 'fillets' in order to make the base run a little longer, perhaps to fill an awkward gap. (Mind you, it looks as tho' the unit run ends away from a wall on the RH side, so that scuppers that idea...)

    When the fitter comes back, ask him! It IS unusual. These units should be tight against each other so you have an unbroken line of doors with the same 4mm-ish gap between them.

    If there IS a 'good' reason for these panels, then at least the fitter should trim the bottoms to allow the plinth runs to continue unbroken - and this will then require lengths of 'continuous' plinth to be fitted instead so as not to look messy.

    If there isn't a good reason, then the guy has simply done something silly.

    Let us know what he says :)
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  7. CGN

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    Usually put an end panel either side of oven unit, but not every base unit.
  8. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Exactly, end panels go on the "end", only. Cabinets are designed to be butted up together and the plinth runs in a continuous length underneath.
  9. Lori23

    Lori23 Member

    There are extra panels because there are end panels at the side of an integrated dishwasher and washing machine but surely they should have cut the panels and put a continuous plinth.
  10. Lori23

    Lori23 Member

  11. Lori23

    Lori23 Member

    Thank you for your comments, there is a integrated dishwasher and washing but I agree that he could have cut the panels. He said if there was a continuous plinth there would be a gap below the dishwasher to allow for the door to pivot and he said he would have to redo the floor along the units. I think he should have done it as it shows on my design picture.
  12. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Can you post a photo of your design and placement of cabinets, dish washer and washing machine? If you have a cabinet at the side of the dishwasher or washing machine then you don't need an end panel so I'm wondering what is placed where.
  13. ME69

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    Why do you need end panels next to integrated dishwasher / washing machine?

    Sorry to hijack your thread, but what is the view of end panels either side of freestanding washing machine / tumble drier? I know its ideal, but if it makes the run a bit tight, and causes alignment issues with wall units above, is it ok to leave them out? The carcases are the same colour as the doors, just not the same gloss finish.
  14. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    I’ve got intergrated appliances and no end panels inbetween - just look like normal run of base units

    Yes plinth does have an extra bit cut out to allow dishwasher door to open, it’s only maybe 15mm, unless laying on floor, you wouldn’t know it’s there

    Also looks like floor has been cut around all those panels - how are the gaps going to be filled - silicone ?

    So you do have a design ‘picture’ - and certain elements differ to the agreed plan

    Yep the odd change may need to be made on a fit but these should always be discussed with the client, explained and agreed before going ahead - I’m guessing you weren’t informed along the way but, at which stage of the fit did you notice these panels
  15. Lori23

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    The washing machine is to the right of the sink unit and the dishwasher is to the left of the sink unit
    Hi there is an inte
    There is a washing machine to the right of the of sink and a dishwasher to the left of the sink. I've sent a design picture
    Thank you

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  16. Lori23

    Lori23 Member

    Apparently its because there is a built in washing machine and a dishwasher.
  17. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    The photos in the pdf show exactly how it should look and is what you were lead to expect. No need or reason for those end panels at all and I'd be refusing the work and insisting its done per the design photos - that is what was agreed. Integrated appliances simply butt up to the adjacent cabinet sides like in this photo (integrated dishwasher on the right), door panel fixes to the front and continuous plinth runs underneath (with cut out on top of plinth for dishwasher door as needed).

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  18. Dr Bodgit

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    This is a Howdens kitchen right? Who's fitting it?
  19. Lori23

    Lori23 Member

    Yes it is a Howdens kitchens fitted by a local tradesman
  20. metrokitchens

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    No support panels required on that design. RIP it out and fit it properly. That tape is on the back edge of those panels btw. Peel a bit off and make sure the colour is correct.

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