Kids swing on Pergola

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by VBAS, Jun 21, 2022 at 9:08 PM.

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    I am planning on building a pergola(3mx2m) and attaching 2 kids swing on 3m side. Pergola goes on porcelain paving which has nearly 15-18cm mot sub base. The pergola posts can only go on anchor brackets bolted to the ground.

    I am worried the swings will destabilise the pergola or would it be okay?
  2. I would say obviously depends on the size of the kids but imho eventually it would make the porcelain slab its attached to come loose.
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    You need to get fixings as far down into the ground as possible. Although you can only use brackets you’ll need to make sure that the fixings that go into the floor go way down. Chemfix stainless steel M10 rod minimum. 500mm down

    I build pergolas for a living and would still advise clients that it’s not a good idea. If you think about swing design there is generally a diagonal bar to the floor to brace against the substantial force of the child swinging. It’s there for a reason.

    if you really want to do this then I would say minimum 6” posts and make sure you have very substantial diagonal bracing between post and bearers. Preferable use a double bearer construction. Bracing should also be as low and therefore as long as possible but visually this becomes an issue. Also needs to be very substantially through bolted. The leverage you’ll potentially be able to impart on the structure are huge and will easily lever it apart and make it fold. Best case it rips out the floor worst case it collapses on the child.

    So in short if you’re talking about a toddler gently rocking back and forth go for it. If it’s an overweight teenager then spend your time building a swing not a pergola.
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  4. VBAS

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    Thanks both of you. Very helpful. That settles it for me. Not doing the swing
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