Killer Artex!

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Pieman, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Goddo

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  2. trustedman

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    If you haven't got anything other than insults to say then why don't you **** off. You know nothing about what I do so keep your ill-informed opinions to yourself.
  3. Goddo

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  4. Mountearl

    Mountearl New Member

    Hello all

    I had the same problem - old property, Artex ceilings and walls (to the picture rail level), asbestos cement roof on old garage and shed. Hair raising quotes for removal - because of the way that the "experts" play on public fears or ignorance. I thought I would educate myself on the dangers, and found out that for an average householder who maybe has to deal with these sort of jobs every 10-15 years, the risk is so small as to be not worth worrying about. Anyone really worried by asbestos - if you've got the time -

    If the Artex is in good condition, Planteng gives good advice - plaster over it, and then try to leave it as undisturbed as possible (like not drilling when putting up pictures or light fittings). As to an asbestos cement roof, keep the sheets as intact as possible, and don't break them up to fit in the back of the car(!) as I've seen someone do before.

  5. firefitter

    firefitter New Member

    Just been on the downside of asbestos in the last 2 days!
    Got hold of an old house to renovate and set my 18year old step son onto ripping out this old shed in the back yard. When it came time to get the skip picked up the skip co. went ***** nuts! Asbestos.
    They went nuts because if they'd been caught with it on lorries / premesis they'd have lost their license. My concern was more to do with health so i've spent 2 days finding out everything i can about the stuff.
    To make a long story short if i was faced with the option of paying £££££ to have it removed or do it myself i'd do it myself!
    With NON DUSTY stuff it's not as problematic as the propaganda suggests. Wear particulate grade filters in a respirator and a paper suit that's taped up (only so you don't need to bin your dusty clothes after) and take it to a local site (contact env. health).
    Great info on the previous link. The more i read the more my mind's at rest. Its easy to get drawn into the paranoid cotton wool wrapped world of the HSE but it's a telling sign that when you type 'Asbestos exposure advice'into a search engine most of the hits are for solicitors telling you how to screw your employer!
  6. So would be be 100% certain that Asbestos was not used in Artex made in the 90's? my house were built in 1995.
  7. surfermick

    surfermick New Member

    yes, asbestos was left out of artex from 1990.
  8. So on a 1995 build house there will be no Asbestos anywhere in the building?
  9. surfermick

    surfermick New Member

    in 1990  asbestos was removed from the production of artex, in 1999 asbestos was completely removed from the building of houses.
  10. surfermick

    surfermick New Member

    think i may become a gardener:(
  11. So Asbestos could be still present in the likes of walls, roofs? I am getting worried now!
  12. surfermick

    surfermick New Member

    same here.
  13. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    You'd be surprised at the amount of asbestos buried in peoples gardens Mick (them that didn't want to take it down the tip or put it in a skip, or pay an asbestos removal company to take it away. ;)
  14. surfermick

    surfermick New Member

    ah, but i remember where i buried it John,so i wont be doin their gardens
  15. Has anyone come across Asbestos on a 90's build house? I suppose they won't contain the Blue/Brown Variety but I am concerned they were using white Asbestos up to 1999
    Really I think all types of Asbestos should of been banned in 1985. I have done some reasearch on several housing association websites they claim that it would be extremely unlikely to find Asbestos in the 1990's house and unlikely in the fabiric of the building in the 1980's. The main worry for me is the soffit boards, artex celling and walls.
  16. surfermick

    surfermick New Member

    im not sure when cement fibre board replaced asbestos around fireplaces and in roof jobs but there is still plenty around.
  17. The worst thing is too that the builder who build our house went out of buisness many years ago but even if they were I don't think the builder would know if it contained it or not?  It would be good to to some Asbestos testing but it is expensive. I think the soffit boards are made out of wood? I know in the garage the instulation pipes are made out of foam and are like a grey colour so i presume not Asbestos?
    does anyone live in a 90's house or ever come across it on one? I am worried sick :(
  18. surfermick

    surfermick New Member

    if the asbestos is left where it is then its not dangerous, its only when you disturb it that the fibres are released. even then if you wear suitable clothing and goggles and a ppf3 mask for fine particle toxic dust you will likely be ok, even if a grain does get in its still only the less harmful white asbestos and further to that its not a foregone conclusion that you will have any ill effects from it. what is more likely is that you will have a stroke or heart attack from stressing about it so much tj. if you are concerned then find out the cost of a check and work out whether you value your stress levels to the value of the check up.
  19. The trouble is that last year we decorated our living room this included getting rid of artex. We skimmed it however there was quite a lot of dust this is why I am so worried. I thought I was ok when it said Artex was not used in the 90's and banned in 1984 or 1988. However I was concerned when I come across a painters forum which said his mate found Asbestos in 1997 artex! My house was built in 1995. Really is it worth getting an Asbestos check? It might sound like a silly question to ask but I really would like my mind put at rest. On many websites its variable some say Asbestos was banned in the mid 1980's some say by 1993 it was banned then others 1999/2000. On the HSE website it say any building built before 2000 could contain it. UK is a joke on Asbestos many other countries it was banned well before 1999.
  20. surfermick

    surfermick New Member

    certainly someone could have used an old batch of artex. If you can get a sample of your artex then i would say its worth having it tested, you only need to pop it in the post. then you would know.

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