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Discussion in 'Eco Talk' started by Sam bury, Jul 14, 2018.

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    Not sure if this is the right place. Sorry if it isn’t. I have a kingspan solar heating system with 2 pressure gauges going to 2 external expansin vessels. The red one is at 1.5 bar. The white one is at 0. Do I need to repressurise it?

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    There was something similar in my father-in-laws house, he told me how good it was, then the flame went out in the central heating boiler, and he had no hot water, we guessed at some time he had switched it off, and it had over heated, so paid to have it serviced and recharged, however since central heating by then working again, did not really know how well it was working.

    Then he died, so central heating turned off, so over the summer only water heating was solar, we would visit house to clean up, on average once a week, all it did was take the chill off the water, very little difference between hot and cold water temperature. Two panels one East and one West it was claimed to give you all the hot water you needed, that is clearly not the case in North Wales.

    All it has done is mean there is no longer an immersion heater so if the gas boiler fails then no hot water, it is a total waste of space, house now sold, so not my worry, but if like his system then to get recharged is a waste of money as they simply don't work in the UK anyway.

    Daughter has it in Turkey and that works fine, but North Wales a failure. Best is electric solar panels that use excess to heat water, it did however increase the energy rating of the house when a survey was done, all they do is say solar heating tick the box, no check is made as to if it actually works.

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