Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom fitters required

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by matty 53, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. matty 53

    matty 53 New Member

    Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom fitters requied in the uk for local contracts, work all year round great rates of pay please contact me for details
  2. Boff

    Boff New Member

    Any contact details?
  3. !!

    !! Active Member

    I might be interested put some contact details up please
  4. orangeST

    orangeST New Member

    I would be intrested mate anything in Glasgow/ west of Scotland area?
  5. reginst

    reginst New Member

    I am interested , which areas are you working in?
    If you want to contact me:

    Regards Jim.
  6. matty 53

    matty 53 New Member

    sorry about the details guys if you want to get hold of me please leave your email address or send a reply to
  7. Boff

    Boff New Member

    Now if you'd put MFI in your first post I wouldn't have bothered replying.
  8. deko

    deko New Member

    I might be interested. If you want to contact me:
  9. orangeST

    orangeST New Member

    I have sent you an e-mail mate so if you are looking for people in my area send me some details.
  10. mj

    mj Guest

    Mfi are always looking for fitters!
    Treat em like shaite & evetually they get fed up with covering up the sales staff's fck ups.
    It's amazing how the showroom muppets can edit room dimensions to make a kitchen fit!
    Most importantly the product is ****, one minor step above ikea & bnq
  11. woody.

    woody. New Member

    Don’t make me laugh! Are mfi that desperate for fitters that they have to search the web for them?

    All their good fitters have left. Guy why don’t you tell them why?

    Why not post the ‘good rates of pay’ so we can all have a laugh. Tell us about the max £20 payment that covers going back to replace damaged missing stock? And what about the way the stores intimidates (Bullies) fitters. And why a national store only just implemented Part P?

    I could go on. Oh one more thing - How long before mfi folds due to bad management?

    BTW requied is spelt required
  12. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    MFI... cough ... splutter... don't go near them guys. Do I need to spell it out: Parts missing, parts wont fit, no-one has a clue where they are and when you will get them. You are left trying to sort out a cock up on every job with an irate customer holding you hostage... think I'm joking. NO.
  13. !!

    !! Active Member

    what is the average fitting price?
  14. Nutty Oak

    Nutty Oak New Member

    Steer well clear.

    Couple of years ago I was interested until I saw rep showed me how they work the pricing and what the fitter gets paid.

    Total joke, if you can fit one of their kitchens in a day and half you might break even!

    Also why they dictate what you're allowed to charge the customer for plumbing, lecky, tiling etc is beyond me.

    Stay well clear.
  15. !!

    !! Active Member

    come on matty why are you so quiet
  16. orangeST

    orangeST New Member

    mate no chance this guy is replying i think if he was really looking for fitters he would a got back to you aleady i think.
  17. 2 a week

    2 a week New Member

    Lads Lads your entitled to your opinion but there not as bad as you say.youv,e probably frightened matty away.

    We as fitters should not BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS.regardless of the situation..

    Cos at times when weve had a cancellation,we always think..if only i hadn't p.... of MFI .

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