Kitchen cupboards:- anyone recognise this style?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Boca2, Jan 15, 2023.

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    NB duplicate of a thread initially posted in Carpenters' forum... that thread is now closed.

    We're thinking of refurbing or upgrading our kitchen.

    If we refurb, we will need a few extra doors.

    Does anyone recognise the manufacturer or style of these please?

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  2. kitfit1

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    Nearly all the major manufacturers made identical doors to your pic in the 1980's and early 1990's. They all used the same light pelmet and cornice as well, even down to the same handles pre drilled in the middle of the door.
    Unless you have some identifying marks (hinge cover caps with the name on) it could be anyone of hundreds of different manufacturers. Your best bet would be to search on Ebay until you find the same doors for sale.
    Even if anyone still made that door (they don't), because of time, a brand new door would be a different colour.
  3. Handmade

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    I burned the exact kitchen doors a few weeks ago :(, could have helped you out
  4. mike4369

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  5. Rosso

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  6. mike4369

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    Cheaper than a new kitchen!!

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