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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by bigbadleo, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. bigbadleo

    bigbadleo Member

    any one know a good pc proggy the will design kitchens etc like the ones you goto b+q to get done 4 u
    any pointers welcome need one to take to ppls houses and show them what there kitch would be like!
  2. mj

    mj Guest

    plan-it, articad & 20-20, search these on the web
    they are three well known progs
    probably cost in excess of £3000, plus monthly payments for regular updates
  3. DIYLady

    DIYLady New Member

    Try KitchenDraw It gives you 50 hours free and after that you have to pay. You should be able to get a home design done within that time.
  4. JMH

    JMH New Member

    Ikea have one on hteir web site, it works pretty well. don't know what the one diylady is sugesting is like but i'm going to have a look.
  5. Pugley

    Pugley Member

    IMSI Floorplan 3D Home Design Suite version 7 including Kitchen Design kit (PC World £30 - £40) does a credible job that enables you to show a customer (or your self) what the proposed design could look like.

    It enables 3D rendering from any camera angle but requires a decent graphics card if you don't want to wait for ages for a picture. It is based on typical CAD wire frame structures which require you to construct a room and then insert each of the components from a preconstructed database of cabinets and appliances etc. Additional items can be down-loaded from their website and individual cabinets can be custom modified for size, colour and texture. So, with a great deal of practice you can construct any kitchen/bathroom imaginable.

    The down side is that I found it quite difficult to master and it could be very time consuming if you need to have exact sizes and colours for every item. It also needed 2 repair/upgrade patches to be downloaded before all facilities operated normally.

    The upside is that I have won at least 2 new jobs on the "wow" factor of showing what the planned kitchen would look like.

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