Kitchen Island Strengthen Carcasses for Granite/Quartz

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by kiteboy, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. kiteboy

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    Hi all

    About to start fixing kitchen island units together (which came from Howdens). There is a 1m width carcass which is due to hold the sink and next to that will be a 600mm space for an integrated dishwasher (freestanding - not in a carcass)

    Just wondering if there is a need to strengthen these carcasses for 30mm quartz which we are planning on having? The dishwasher will be enclosed in a decorative end panel on the side too (not figure out how that is fixed yet) and on the back of these units there will be more shallow depth wall cupboards attached (which are actually in our case base cupboards)

    I will have the take the flimsy back panel off the sink unit to get access to the tap too

    Thanks for any info
  2. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    No you don't need to do anything special to strengthen the carcasses, just make shure all of the leg sockets have the tabs underneath all the end panels. Make shure that all the cabs are very firmly screwed to each other as well. By the way, the dishwasher will come with bend down tabs and possibly side hole fixings as well to fix it to the cabs either side of it. This then makes the dishwasher itself part of the support for the worktop.
  3. WillyEckerslike

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    Howdens have changed the design of the legs which means that they don't support the sides any more - just the base of the unit - which puts all the load on the dowels. Doesn't apply to oven base units though. You will either have to drill out different mounting holes to change the position or maybe run some 18mm ply under the units to add additional support to the sides.
    Edit: Your 'wall cupboard base units' won't have leg fixing holes anyway - just make sure they're aligned for plinth mounting.
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  4. kitfit1

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    :eek: What a complete load of ***** they are. Why would anyone make that decision when they themselves sell granite..........................beggers belief :eek:
  5. blarblarblarblar

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    Definitely add extra support, I put some supports from floor to top of carcass to allow the unit an additional hand, in the space at the back of the unit, I also added some timber under the units to support the sides. I didn’t want to take the chance of some dollop sitting on it as it’s a decent size and to sit on....
  6. kiteboy

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    Thanks all...will see what we can do....some wood under the side panels sounds like it can't do any harm supporting them......yes agree on the howdens legs too...noticed that comment previously on here.....thanks again

    Will try and get started on the weekend
  7. chippie244

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    To be honest I never thought that thin bit of plastic would take much weight anyway.
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