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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Iron_Mike, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Iron_Mike

    Iron_Mike Active Member


    I am looking to get a new kitchen installed and am interested to hear who people would recommend I should go with as a supplier.

    The kitchen is currently gutted.

    My builder is keen on Howdens, which I have heard varying views on.

    I got a quote from Magnet which I thought was excessively expensive. So I am not keen on them.

    I am based in Hertfordshire. The kitchen is pretty big 7m long x 4m wide.

    Any advice appreciated.


  2. Jord86

    Jord86 Well-Known Member

    What's excessively expensive? For roughly how many units, worktop lengths, appliances, cornice/pelmets/panels etc? Have used Howden a few times over the years, not keen, too many niggles and pushy salesmen for me. With Ikea kitchens you've got no void at the back of the units, so if you have plumbing or cables that need hiding, you've got a bit more planning required to conceal them. There's a kitchen manufacturer in South Wales called Sigma 3, and they do do nice products from my experience, look them up and see what they offer.
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  3. metrokitchens

    metrokitchens Well-Known Member

    Supplier or supply and fit?

    Howdens are fine as long as you get 85% off and your installer does all the chasing up of missing bits. May get better service at Benchmarx. Ikea are cheap but you won't get anyone to fit it for you. DIYKITCHENS.COM online for great units at a good price but you need to find a fitter. Try a local independent - you may be surprised how competitive they are. Wickes are probably the best of the 'sheds' for product and service. Wren are probably the cheapest. Magnet are probably the most overpriced.
    Where in herts are you?
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  4. Nis999

    Nis999 New Member

    Haggle!!! My kitchen was quoted by Howdens (£6K+) who said come back when you are ready and we will give you a good price (as it was for myself, not for a customer). I ended up buying Magnet (admittedly the local dealer wanted me to open an account with them) for £2300!!! But the point is you can play one against the other and haggle, they will tinker with their margins if they want the deal.
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  5. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    As jord86 said, what do you consider to be excessively expensive ? If you have a room 7m x 4m and it is intended to be a kitchen, not a kitchen diner, it is never going to be cheap to fill it with units and appliances. At twice the size of an average kitchen it would cost nearly twice as much.
    DIY kitchens has been mentioned and has a very good reputation. We have used them and find them very responsive if any problems crop up (which they do with all suppliers). The pricing structure is very good as well and very transparent.
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  6. CGN

    CGN Well-Known Member

    Never had a problem with Howdens myself...yet, but I'm not fitting kitchens all day long. What I have found, and pretty obvious to say is that a lot depends on the competence of the staff. Some are very knowledgable and helpful, others are just watching the clock and really don't want to be there.
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  7. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Used DIY kitchens a couple of times, found them very good.

    And I think it was them, who made a couple of bespoke units for one kitchen.
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  8. Iron_Mike

    Iron_Mike Active Member

    Thanks for the advice.

    Yes it will be a kitchen diner.

    Magnet came in at £18k from memory. Think Howdens closer to £6k.

    I am based in St Albans.
  9. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Will be using DIY Kitchens myself in the New Year here,not the biggest of kitchens, so decided to use two or three pull out larder units on the one short wall,which will give me much more storage than base/wall units combined.
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  10. CGN

    CGN Well-Known Member

    Obviously a big discrepancy there Mike. Was it magnet trade? They're all pretty similar when it comes to price and will compete with each other to get the job.
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  11. fillyboy

    fillyboy Well-Known Member

    A customer of mine had a quote from Magnet two years ago for 16K, she didn't respond and over several phone calls they brought the cost down to 10K, I got her a quote from Howdens for 6.7K, she didn't respond, they dropped to 6.5k, then eventually 6.3K and she accepted. Shortly after she got a call from Magnet and after she told them Howdens had bid 6.3k they said we'll match it.
    Frankly over the last two years I've noticed Howdens prices increasing dramatically, I'd just like to see more transparency and fixed prices, not quoting stupid prices and then having to barter down and down, we're not in some middle eastern market arguing with the 'looky looky' men for gods sake.
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  12. Iron_Mike

    Iron_Mike Active Member

    It is just for a supplier.

    Think Howdens kitchens must be relatively easy to fit as that is who my builder is most keen on.
  13. fillyboy

    fillyboy Well-Known Member

    One area where Howdens do excel is stock and supply, if something is missing, damaged or wrong, they can normally sort out within days, if not immediately.

  14. Tell that to Spen?

    I think Howdens must depend on the local managers, I refuse to use the ones local to me. Just too much aggro and excuses.
  15. Iron_Mike

    Iron_Mike Active Member

    Thanks for the above advice. Very helpful.
  16. metrokitchens

    metrokitchens Well-Known Member

    Where did you go for in the end? Trust all is going well.
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  17. Jeff C.

    Jeff C. New Member

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  18. Iron_Mike

    Iron_Mike Active Member

    Looks like it will be with Howdens.
  19. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

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