Kitchen reno - where to start?

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    Hello I am looking for advise on the best way to project manage the Reno/reconfigure of our kitchen if anyone can advise?

    We are due to complete shortly on a traditional 1930s three bed semi. Luckily for us the typical dining room / kitchen wall knock through has already been done, but despite there now being a lovely big kitchen-diner space they kept the gally kitchen layout so gained nothing from it really.

    We would like to remove the old kitchen and make this area the dining table area. For the kitchen we’d like to move this over the other side of the room, therefor knocking into the chimney breast to put a range cooker in there so gas pipes will be moving. The sink will also be over the other side of the room to where is now so the plumbing will need moving and we will need additional plug sockets etc. I have already arranged a building regulation visit from the LA and structural engineer to work out the steel needed for brining the chimney opening up higher - so basically my question is this:

    Am I best to ask one builder to do the job lot of the chimney breast, all electrics, plumbing and gas ready for us to fit the new kitchen? Or would it be considerably cheaper for me to ask the builder just to do the chimney, and then ask separate plumber, sparky and plasterer to do the other works? I project manage for a living so am happy to coordinate if this would work out the best option - if it is, what order do I arrange each of the works to be done? Because surely the gas supply would need moving the same day the builders plaster up the chimney and perhaps electrics done last along with the plastering over their work and the old kitchen space? Although extractor fan would need electric running into the chimney to so again, would I get them all in on the same day!?

    really lengthy sorry!! Just trying to work out which way to do things! As for the kitchen - well be ordering from DIY kitchens and fitting ourselves.
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    kitchen design so that you know exactly where you want gas, electric to run. Don't work on vague " over here will do" i mean precisely where units go, where appliances go, sockets lights etc. That gives a clear plan for everyone to work to. This is the area where your project can go off the rails, if services are not in the precise location, you'll have to have people in to redo works/

    then unless you have electrician and gas safe people lined up, I'd use a general builder who will sub out to electrician and gas safe as needed. you'll never get people in on the same day because the work you are doing will take multiple days. generally gas and electric do first fix, then plasters come in, then they second fix. as i say if you are not familiar with coordinating trades, leave it to someone else
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