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  1. dpoison

    dpoison Member

    Hi All

    I would love a general steer on a quote I received for the following work being done to a kitchen extension:

    2x two twin sockets
    2x pendant positions ceiling with LED spots all on separate dimmer switches.
    Cabling for wall or angled lighting for kitchen wall with separate switch.
    Cabling, lighting and fan also for under stairs toilet.
    supply & install all cabling, labour and wiring accessories for the kitchen extension to include wiring for all the kitchen appliances,
    new fuse board under stairs

    Total cost: £3330

    I have no idea whether this is competitive or not for east sussex/brighton

    Many Thanks
  2. Pollowick

    Pollowick Well-Known Member

    What condition is the existing wiring? How big is the "fuse board"? It could be a small 3 fuse board or a 40 way CU ...
  3. Coloumb

    Coloumb Well-Known Member

    It's generally not considered a good idea to put the fuse board under the stairs due to the fire risk. I would try to find some where else to put it.
  4. Pollowick

    Pollowick Well-Known Member

    That may be the case, however, how many are already located there and what is te cost to move one? Extending all the rings, radials and lighting circuits ... chasing those in, finding somewhere acceptable to the owners ... Time, cost, nuisance,
  5. Hans_25

    Hans_25 Active Member

    I thought the small risk of a fire in the CU was remediated by insisting on a metal box CU...

    As Mr P implies, I'm not convinced the "benefit" of moving a CU from under the stairs to somewhere else outweighs the cost of doing so. How many fires have started in a CU under the stairs and materially contributed to the death of injury of people that were upstairs at the time and couldn't escape?
  6. Coloumb

    Coloumb Well-Known Member

    I'm only tellin it like it is son.
  7. ajohn

    ajohn Well-Known Member

    Gas is often there as well and a general spark couldn't move the mains and even a general spark shouldn't touch the cu unless an isolator has been added, Have to call out the distribution people or risk a fine. They do get called out to pull fuses and put them back in. :mad: Makes me think mad world but as we have a smart meter fitted we have the separate isolator.

    To check quotes I'd be inclined to ask for a bill of materials but few will present them what ever the work is. Odd really as without them quotes are in part a guess. Also obtaining several quotes from people who are as far away from each other as possible.

    As to the quote replacing the cu labour wise including the checks that would usually be done isn't dramatic. Parts depend on what goes in it and make. There can be a big variation on that but small compared with the quote for the whole job in this case.

    Routing cable and back boxes depends on the route to it and the state of the extension. It's the sort of thing that should be done before the walls are finished - say bare block. Getting there needs walls and floorboards etc restoring to original condition. The cable doesn't in real terms cost much so it's mostly labour.

    2 double sockets may be saving you less than you think if the walls aren't finished. The IET guide suggests at least 3 doubles over the height if the worktops in rather small kitchens and and spacing of around 1m but it's best to think about what will be plugged in where.

    If your quote is from your electricity supplier I would definitely try several others.

  8. peter palmer

    peter palmer Well-Known Member

    Our standard kitchen extensions usually work out about £1300 or so, that gets about 8/10 downlights, few new sockets, oven feed, hob feed, couple of outside lights, usual sort of stuff. Although we recently did a big kitchen extension on day work that had 30 downlights and UFH in it and it worked out at £3400. Both the above prices include the downlight fittings and plastic sockets etc. but not things like outside light fittings or pendant lights over the island. We usually install a separate 4 way RCD rotected mains unit to keep our new stuff separate from the shoddy original wiring.
  9. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Well-Known Member

    That was about my bill for a complete new wiring install in 2 fixes in a 2 bedroom semi last year. I did most of the holes through walls and floor chases though and mounted the back boxes where I wanted them ready for first fix.

    It looks a bit toppy to me. By the sounds of it PPs wouldn't usually break £2K with a CU upgrade. Get some more quotes.
  10. ajohn

    ajohn Well-Known Member

    I was quoted £270 for a cu upgrade and test. That would be for a 12 way. I suspect in my case he would look again and probably charge more as there is some tidying to do as well. Needs a new back board so £270 is his usual charge and the cost of the bits in it I would want would put the price up again.

    ;) I'm hoping to find woodworm in the backboard the supply side is on. Wont be paying them to replace it. 110 years old so fair chance. The one for the cu ok I will pay for that.

  11. Ghummy

    Ghummy New Member

    To give you an idea. It cost me £2500 for a kitchen rewire in march this year, it was a complete rewire back to a new consumer unit installed at the same time. This included the following

    Fused spur for boiler

    Lighting circuit which included 2 way switch and under counter lights

    8 x 2 gang sockets

    6mm cable for oven

    10mm shower cable upgrade

    Paperwork on completion

    Hope that helps
  12. dpoison

    dpoison Member

    Hi All, thanks for the feedback. Some varying estimates indeed. I've enlisted a second opinion and will see where that takes me, I'm not looking to quibble for the sake of a few pounds but interesting to note Peter VS Ghummy's costs. My setup os similar to Peters plus the CU which I was hoping would keep me in the £2K ballpark hence my initial post. Very good to hear the variables to consider so thanks again all.
  13. dpoison

    dpoison Member

    A quick follow up. I've found a more competitive quote that's come in around the £2K mark so thank you all for your insights.
  14. Comlec

    Comlec Well-Known Member

    Sounds very low quote for a a full test of 12 circuits and new board, tails, glands etc not to mention the certs and notification.
    I use all RCBO boards and the materials alone would come to that!
  15. ajohn

    ajohn Well-Known Member

    Labour I suspect not parts. I suspect via mail order parts would come to less.

    :) Maybe your get your bits from Harrods? :) :) have you seen this

    Just shows what the parts really cost.

    I did buy an Axiom switch. Didn't look nice - to be expected otherwise more expensive say MK wouldn't sell. Not entirely sure I liked the feel or sound of the operation of it so decided not to use it. RCBO's ??????? pass.

    The quotes mentioned by the OP sound rather high to me if the work is being done at the right time when a new kitchen extension is being built. Before plastering and etc.

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  16. Comlec

    Comlec Well-Known Member

    You do post some poor links at times, the RCBOs you link to are £19.98! That is £4 more a unit than the Contactum units I buy.

    So using the TS stuff you would need a 12 Way Board (£129) plus 6 more RCBOs (119.88) gives £239.88 add to that the tails and glands kits. Throw in a SPD and you can add another £50. Or you can just trough in some cheap tat dual RCD board and run off with the cash.
  17. ajohn

    ajohn Well-Known Member

    My impression was that it comes with rcbo's fitted. A 10way with just the isolator switch is £51. 8 way same £26. ;) Must admit I haven't totted up the cost of fitting rcbo's to the empty 8 way but think it comes to more than £99.

  18. Tony Goddard

    Tony Goddard Active Member

    Havn't done a kitchen for eons but it sounds steep to me - I'm always a little skeptical when suddenly a whole new CU is need for a refurb of one room - how bad is the existing one!! from memory, the last kitchen I did was about £900 or so, mainly from the fiddle factor of tooing and froing to site to fit round other contractors
    Some recent invoices issued by us
    Replacement of 2 distribution boards in a farmhouse, replacement of consumer tails, RCBo throughout, BG board £680
    Removal of 36 fluorescent light fittings from school sports hall and replacement with LED fixtures, £1000 (labour only)
    EICR of Design Tech and Art block of school £950.
  19. Tony Goddard

    Tony Goddard Active Member

    The cost of RCBo's is a moveable feast, at the low Control Gear Direct come in at around £12, then you have BG at around £16, Wylex and MK are in the £20's then if you want to go nuts there is MEM at around £80 or Dorman Smith at well over £100, lucky me I use the latter two the most as they are the spec used a lot by local authorities, no profit margin in em! They like Wandsworth sockets too, something daft like £75 each!
  20. ajohn

    ajohn Well-Known Member

    It's a sign of the old but very true saying "Treasure Island Britain". For retailers. ;) Some reckon insurance companies and others as well. I came across a review on amazon from am american who was refurbing a house in the UK. Comment he made "You guys are really being ripped off".

    Local authorities are interesting on council houses any way, if there are any left. My parents bought their own house that was in a small estate in a much larger council one. After about 10 years or so light switches started failing. Talking to a friend who had started working in the building trade he said I'll get you some. They were working on council houses. Changed all of the light switches and they were still all fine 40+ years later. MK. They used to repaint the houses, every 5 years if I remember correctly - Permaglaze. Private house wood rot eventually. Council no rot - better timber.

    If your fitting that sort of price to actual council buildings you should tell some one about it. Media maybe but you probably wouldn't get any further work off them. Big companies have the same sort of problem with all sorts of things even office furniture. They standardise it and state what is to be used and what people can have. The very very top get what they want as usual.

    mcd's etc. Came across some info that suggest that if one does operate could be best to replace it. The repetitive rating is some what different to the headline number marked on them. On the other hand they shouldn't operate so who cares. They only need to work once and in many many cases wont even do that.


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