Kitchen slab to wall join

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Dan_Taylor1980, Oct 12, 2021.

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    Moved into an old terrace 1900ish, the kitchen slab has no DPM, the house is built on a steep hill with the actual ground level aroun 1.5m below the slab so I may not put a DPM in - access to the rear is tricky with steps etc so barrowing out the old floor will be a job

    The is damp on the base of the plaster but the old plaster came right down to the slab so I've scrapped it back to leave a 2" gap between plaster and slab - to be covered with skirting.

    My issue now is there just appears to be soil between slab and brick work which I'm trying to scrap out best I can - what do I need to fill this area back in with to prevent further damp and seal properly?
  2. Wayners

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    You can hire powered wheelbarrow and plank steps with ramp to remove material to skip.

    Can't help with floor seal other than fit dpm
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    Done one. Compress (lit photo app android) or other app to under 2mb then upload button at bottom here and select image is easiest way. Was 2.5mb and that's too large for forum.

    Bit of a hole there..
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    Thanks! I'll get that app, yeah that's the question, what to fill it in with!
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    If downstairs (guess it is) sand and cement. Buy from DIY already mixed and all you do is add water..
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    Sharp sand, cement and sbr to fill, then a 2 part liquid dpm to seal :)

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