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  1. pppmacca43

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    Yes I’ve been a plumber for twenty years it’s not a nut there will be a brass nut on a piece of threaded rod that pinches up the silver piece
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  2. pppmacca43

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    Yeah I would tbf, like I say I don’t use it very often but it can get u out of a lot of trouble sometimes
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    Just treated myself - £115 with the discount.
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    Yeah. Exactly what I did.
  5. DaveF

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    I didn't read the rest of the posts so sorry if I am repeating others. Underneath those felixible pipes in the second picture there is a threaded bar that attaches to the tap. On that fits a brass long nut that holds everything in place. You need a box spanner to fit it. You will have to disconnect the flexible pipes and push them out the way to access it. I will tell you the size of the box spanner you need but unfortunately manufacturers use different sizes. At a guess it's usually an M8 so you need around that sort of size for a spanner.

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