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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by big_bad_bob, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. big_bad_bob

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    I will be doing some kitchen tiling soon, using 10 x 10 cm ceramics. The walls are bare plaster which I was planning to prime with BAL APD. Topps have suggested BAL White Star and BAL ivory grout. Tiles are a bit rustic looking, so they dont have perfectly straight edges. I am aiming for a 2-3 mm grout line, but it may be a bit wider in places - would I be better with a different grout, or use an additive? Is there anything I can use to seal the grout, especially round the hob area, to prevent staining by splashes of hot oil, spag bol etc?


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    If they are rustic tiles with irregular edges, you won't get a decent result trying to get 2 to 3mm grout lines. You'll probably have to settle for something around 4 or 5mm.

  3. big_bad_bob

    big_bad_bob New Member

    You'll probably have to settle for
    something around 4 or 5mm.

    Yes, I can't really say until I've got the tiles in front of me and I try fitting them together, but I suspect you are right, which is why I'm not sure if the standard grout is OK.
  4. Buy BAL Ivory Wide Joint and BAL Ivory wall grout and mix the two dry 50/50, then mix as usual (with a pwer mixer preferably) this bulks up the all grout to cope where the tile corners meet and you get 5mm-8mm joints, easy to finish and doesn't shrink or crack when it dries.

    Alternatively mix BAL White Wall and BAL Ivory wide joint for a slightly lighter mix.
  5. big_bad_bob

    big_bad_bob New Member

    Thanks Mudster - I wasn't sure that wide joint on its own would be correct either, and you've answered that question.

    Any advice on sealing the grout against staining?
  6. HG produce a product called grout protector, it's a paint on affair and is a bit of a nuisance to apply, I'd inly sugget you need this behind the cooker or the sink.

    As the grout needs to be bone dry before this goes on ( a good 3-4 days) I used to leave this to the customer, it's an easy DIY application.
  7. big_bad_bob

    big_bad_bob New Member

    Thanks again Mudster - that looks like the kind of thing I'm after.


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