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    I bought a kitchen of ebay the instructions are in polish and the wall cupboards have brackets to hang them on the wall according to the guy in b&q he doesnt know how i should put them on with these .Can i put the cupboards up without lookin for the studs and just drilling them into a concrete breeze block wall with certain fixings? thank you in anticipation of any help i receive :0)
  2. Markybob

    Markybob New Member

    So, just to recap.. you bought a cheap kitchen, no instructions, your not a kitchen installer and dont have a clue how to even start. Hummmm Love to help you mate, but you need to help yourself at some point and yo havent made such a good start have you :)
  3. ukwoody

    ukwoody New Member

    uhhh, studwork in concrete walls? My friend, you might be better off getting someone in to help you! sorry.
  4. Come on give him a chance.

    MSDD, a bit more info please, is the wall a stud wall or is it a block wall.

    What size and how many units, are there any appliances to hang, ie extractor.

    MS DIY DISASTER New Member

  6. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    You dont have studs in breeze blocks.
    Use rawlplugs after drilling the holes with a masonry bit.
    I prefer Plasplugs tapered plugs because you can use the same size for a number of screw sizes.
    You just need different drill sizes depending on the screw gauge.
    One thing to check for before drilling is electric cable in the wall.
    Cable is usually straight up or down from plug sockets and light switches but on older properties they could go any way.
    A cable finder could save your life or prevent expensive repairs.

    MS DIY DISASTER New Member

    Thank you very much thats about all i need to know xx
  8. MSDD, really good advice from Dewy, cables are bad news.

    Once you've decided at what height you want the units, mark a line on the wall using a spirit level that represents the top of the cupboard.

    I'm assuming that there are hanging brackets fixed to the units which will locate on to plates fixed to the wall.

    If so offer one of the plates onto the fixing bracket, as though it was supporting the unit, measure from the top of the unit to the centre on the fixing holes in the plate.

    Use this measurement too run a second line below the line you've already marked on the wall.

    You will need to decide where the units are going to be positioned and mark off vertical lines that show the widths of the units your putting up.

    You now need to mark the screw holes from the hanging plates, from each side (were relevant) of the vertical line mark off 20mm along the lower horizontal line. Offer up the fixing plate so the edge of the plate is against the 20mm mark and the screw holes are placed centrally over the line, mark off the screw holes. Do all the marking at once.

    Next drill all the holes, I'd use a 7mm drill bit, brown plugs with 2" number 10 roundhead screws, pop all the plugs in and fix all the plates.

    Next lift up all the cupboards and use the adjusters on the hanging brackets to level up the units. There should be 2 screws on each adjuster, one for vertical movement and one for horizontal (in and out from the wall)movement.

    When they're all level and true, fix them together, if possible conceal the fixing screws under the hinge plates.

    Good luck and watch for cables and pipes
  9. griffsters

    griffsters New Member

    mate if you have breeze block wall dabbed with plasterboard I would cut out the wall for battening NOT the whole wall just where you intend to batten it check for cables ect
  10. vannquish

    vannquish New Member

    'kitchen fitter', after you hand the wall unit on the brackets do you have to secure the unit at the base as well? or do you just leave the wall unit to hang?
  11. Joelp1

    Joelp1 New Member

    'kitchen fitter', after you hand the wall unit on the
    brackets do you have to secure the unit at the base
    as well? or do you just leave the wall unit to hang?

    no need to, i put a spirit level up the front to check its vertical, pack either top or bottom out to make sure doors hang right, if they wobble i silicone, if not, the tiles will hold it in place fine. Only put brackets at bottom if i doubt the strength of the top fixing.
  12. vannquish

    vannquish New Member

    Thanks for that.

    Ive hung the 2 wall units up either side of the breakfast bar but yet to test them full of glasses.

    I might just add two brackets on the base of each unit for peace of mind :)

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