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    Hello, I need some guidance if possible. I have fitted a couple of kitchens before but not tall units. First off I’m struggling with finding a solution to a problem that I’ve probably created. I have a tall fridge unit, a cabinet in between and then will create a boiler cupboard from another tall unit. I wanted to keep the top line of the cupboards the same but the fridge unit is 70:30 so the top door is 1319mm and falls just below worktop level to match the base unit doors. The door for the boiler I have is 1319mm and will have to be above worktop so how do I get round this? Or what is the best compromise?

    Second issue is at the other end I have an 85mm gap at the end of my units after a 600mm drawer unit. It’s a bigger gap than I anticipated and I’d like to swap the drawers for a 500mm and 150mm wine rack but I’ve gone past the return period on units as I went away after delivery! Has anybody got a creative solution of what I can do with the gap rather than put fillers all over the place or shall I just buy new units and put the loss down to being a rank amateur? Cheers.
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    Always worth asking the question especially as it would be a swap not a return. If it come to buying a new 500 base ot replace the 600 - negotiate, say 50% off and they can have the 600 back
  3. Alex 5GT

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    Thanks for the reply. It’s with benchmarx and they were reasonable up to now so I will give it a try.
  4. Alex 5GT

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    They did swap the unit for me so that’s sorted cheers.
  5. Pollowick

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    Always worth asking ... and that must be a beer or three you owe me!
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    Maybe make a base for the fridge freezer to lift it up. It can be handy to be able to pull things like that out easily so maybe a sheet of say thick flooring grade chipboard with castors on it. Give the chipoard a good coat of a waterproof paint - just in case. The castors wont be far off directly under the "legs" on the freezer so no need for enormous strength.

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    You can raise the fridge/freezer up on a base, but if you do that then you'll lose the line on the base doors and the plinth.

    If you want the keep the wall units in line with the larder unit there are two options I can immediately think of, though I don't know Benchmarx kitchens (I work for a competitor) so they may not be viable solutions for you.
    • Many ranges of kitchens have larder/F/F units of multiple heights; a "standard" and a "tall" that differ by around 175mm. You may be able to resolve the problem by changing the F/F height heights.
    • In most kitchen ranges you can purchase doors separately; ours has 600mm x 1065mm doors (height may vary) that you could use to customize a boiler housing and then box in at the bottom if you need to fill a small gap between the worktops.
    Good to hear you got the second problem sorted. :)

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