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  1. After 36 years as a chippie I now have the chance to design and make our own kitchen from scratch and I am loving it.

    I am though too tight to buy new appliances (well I would rewally like a red smeg fridge but am told by the lady of the house that we can not justify the cost) does anyone do a kit to make stand alone w/m's fridges intergrated?

    I am making the units so all I really need is the ironmongery, any thoughts?
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    You’re 100% right @Chippie mac chipface. Building a kitchen from scratch is something I only get chance to do maybe once every 2-3 years (but they're always totally different to the norm and often quite spectacular). I have one going through the workshop right now (really must get it tidied up and painted, but always too busy). This one's a commission for a very arty lady (looks just like Morticia Addams) whose brief was ‘a Gothic kitchen inspired by Augustus Pugin’. She did most of the basic design and drawings, I'm just building it and making joinery suggestions here and there. She’s very excited and brilliant to be working for.

    No fun at this time of year though - I'm having to bring each component inside to paint it because it's taking forever to dry in the (unheated) workshop. The whole room's full of door and drawer fronts today. I'm delivering it and installing it in flat oil-based eggshell - she's then going to add a load of additional Pugin-style paintwork and then patinate it all. She's got the whole thing meticulously planned - you'll notice the trefoil on the columns isn't vertically level - she's painting some kind of inscription in the gap above it.

    Forgive the gross 1980's carpet (moved here five years ago and still haven't had time to junk this spare room and do it up) - but I thought you might like to see a few work-in-progress pics. I'm about 20% of the way through it so far. Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing more pics as I progress it.

    Hope it goes well.

    IMG_1610.jpg EB7E3032-B346-4496-9CD2-2EED2BDD53D2.jpg IMG_1537.jpg IMG_0955.jpg IMG_0956.jpg
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    Very nice
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    Sorry. Don't like that. But it is only old carpet as you pointed out. Great woodwork though.
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    It's hideous, @WillyEckerslike. I'm deliberately spilling paint all over it as an incentive for me to take a week off work and fix the room up. Beautiful original elm floorboards underneath it, too. One day soon ........

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    Of course we would!
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    @candoabitofmoststuff Your wish is my command. These pics are of her 'centrepiece' -a free-standing dresser on a 2300mm section of open wall opposite the main cabinet run. This lump is 2100mm wide. A few days hopefully ....

    PS sincere apologies for inadvertently invading your thread @Chippie mac chipface. Entirely unintentional.
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    Careful with the paint spills, the carpet will be back in fashion soon. :oops:
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    In your dreams @Astramax. In your dreams.
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    Fabulous work.
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    Spectacular work
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    Back in the mid-70's my parents had a carpet just like that. Maybe we should send English Heritage around to get it listed as being of historic cultural significance.
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    inspirational work. love it. hate the carpet as well......
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    My my, you are a talented chap!
  17. No problem at all

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