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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by taffy, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. taffy

    taffy New Member

    looks like stayer is now selling kity`s machines web site is back on under stayer but it will not give list of stockists looks like i might get my 619 after all....yes
  2. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    It's always been Stayer Spa(Italy) who sold Kity tools in UK.
    Their website hasn't changed since January.
  3. taffy

    taffy New Member

    well will not work no more but stayerkity does gives you the same diclaimer at the start but is now open for sales

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  4. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    KityUK is working for me & they are selling machines in their stock clearance.
  5. hondabird

    hondabird New Member

    are you using the correct web address
    its working for me

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  6. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    just seen in the press that scheppach have brought them out,and any problems u need 2 call nma agencies ltd on 01484 400488
  7. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    Sheppach have been trying to buy Kity for some time.
    All they want is a foothold in France to sell their own machines.
  8. taffy

    taffy New Member

    yes got it thanks also apology for yesterdays replys if i was a bit snotty one of them days when i should have stayed in bed my old mate dead now whom i served my time with said if you make 3 mistakes in a day pack it in and go home . well i should have gone home twice before lunch what a bast. but it all went like yes today must have been the donkey work yesterday
  9. macdad

    macdad New Member

    anyone who has knowledge of a Kity 619 or 1619 .. I would appreciate their opinion of the machine(s)

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