KPM E400 multi-flue parts/manual

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by PTFE, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. PTFE

    PTFE Member

    Got a call today from a friend of a friend looking for a repair on a KPM E400 multi-flue gas fire (I haven't seen the fire yet).

    The pilot won't stay on.
    Obvious suspect is the thermocouple so phoned parts centre so I can give them a rough price and they've never heard of it.

    Had a look online and find a few places selling them but no sign of parts suppliers.

    After following lots of links I was directed to the website (I probably should've guessed at that!) but the site no longer exists.

    Has anyone got a manual in electronic format they could send me please so at least I'll have some parts numbers etc to give to Parts Centre?

    Also wondering if these are re-badged fires from one of the mainstream manufacturer's?

    Any help appreciated.

  2. sportymick

    sportymick New Member

    I have just read about the E400 muti flue gas fire,i have the full manual should anyone need a photo copy?
    i am also looking for a part for the same fire a GAS BURNER pt number 799822.
    if i am unable to find this part could another supplyer make this part for this fire???

    Should anyone be able to help then please email me at

    cheers mick
  3. Geordieghirl

    Geordieghirl New Member

    Hi PTFE - hope you see this after such a long time!  Did you ever get the thermocouple (and did it have an overheat interrupter)?  If so, please can you tell me where from?  I have a Kingsdale Eclipse fire with the same problem and I think the E400 is a rebadged version of the Eclipse.  I have emailed sportymick for a copy of the manual, but thought I would contact you too.  Wish me luck (the thought of having to replace the fire for the sake of a thermocouple is breaking my heart).  Thank you.

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