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    I am currently casting for series three of the hit ITV show “Ladette to Lady”. In the spring of 2007 Eggleston Hall Finishing School will open its doors again and its indomitable staff will attempt to transform yet another group of notorious ‘ladettes’ into ladies. We are currently recruiting hard-drinking, raucous young women who have gone totally off the rails and would benefit from a five week crash course in etiquette and manners.

    We are recruiting both repentant – and unrepentant – ladettes to enroll on the course. Please find below a blurb on the programme.

    ‘Do you get so drunk you can’t remember what happened the night before – and couldn’t care less anyway? Do you ever feel ashamed by your accent or your inability to hold your own at posh events? Are you better at pulling men than at keeping them? Are you a hardened tomboy who wishes men would treat you more like a lady?

    If any of this describes you – or someone you know – ITV would like to hear from you. Please contact our website on or call the ladette hotline on 0207-751-7366

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