Laid and compacted type 1 in the rain and its still soft...?

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by Bournemouth_Craig, May 19, 2021.

  1. Bournemouth_Craig

    Bournemouth_Craig New Member

    I'm replacing my patio and over the last few weeks ripped out the old one, levelled and then started to bring in the type 1. Unfortunately the night before I brought in the type 1 it chucked it down with rain so the ground was pretty wet (puddles, mud etc), brought just over half the type 1 in and attempted to compact with a heavy duty whacker but the type 1 was just churning up and going 'mushy' rather than compacting down. In hindsight it was obviously far too wet as it carried on raining throughout the day too.

    The ground hasn't properly dried out yet as I only did this Sunday and its rained every day since but when it has been drier and i've popped out there the type 1 is still soft (ie, I can make a footprint in it if I push down).

    My question is do I just need to leave it to dry out properly over a few dry days and then run the whacker over it again so that it compacts down properly? Or have a made a massive balls up laying it in the first place and am I going to need to pull it up and start all over again. I'm concerned all i've done by running the whacker over it is bring the mud and water up through the type 1 and that it now wont compact down properly even when its dried out.

    If I just need to let it dry out would you recommend getting a few tarps over it for the next week or so as its forecast to rain pretty much every day now until the end of the month. Thanks in advance, appreciate any advice!!
  2. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    Did you use a membrane? It sound not.

    Worth scarifying the type 1 to help it dry but leave it until you have a couple of good drying days
  3. Bournemouth_Craig

    Bournemouth_Craig New Member

    Thanks Stevie, no I didn't use a membrane. The soil underneath was reasonable (apart from being very wet) so didn't think it needed it but in hindsight that would definitely have helped!
  4. JamieFarmer

    JamieFarmer New Member

    I'm laying some new slabs as well and at the point of putting down the Type 1 but my area has puddles in now thanks to endless amounts of rain we've been having! I've booked a whacker plate to hire for this weekend but I'm thinking about cancelling that as I want the ground to dry out first, and with further rain forecast over the coming days that's not looking likely!

    Stevie, the membrane you mentioned, is that a weed prevention membrane? I've bought one to put down and was actually wondering at what point this goes down. Before the Type 1 or after?
  5. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    There are many names: filter cloth, separation membrane, weed suppression membrane etc. Many just call it Terram (as in Hoover for a Henry or Dyson or whatever)

    Some are woven just like normal fabric others take a sheet of loose fibres and heat then to melt the fibres together (melded) others still take the loose fibres but tangle them together with a series of needes (needle punched).

    They go down on the earth before you put anything down.
  6. JamieFarmer

    JamieFarmer New Member

    Cheers Stevie. I'll wait for the ground to dry then...could be a while I know!
  7. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Screwfix Select

    Make sure you buy the correct cloth. The weed prevention cloth is NOT the right stuff to use to keep the soil/clay from mixing with the stones. You need the cloth that is specially designed for this, otherwise it'll just get destroyed/perforated when you use your whacker to level it all out.

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