Laminate flooring installation cost?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by sparky neil, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. neth27

    neth27 New Member

    Probably about £25 per metre, labour only. As the skirting needs to be mitred and scribed and fixed to the wall which all takes a lot if time!!!!!
  2. JarraMag

    JarraMag New Member

    £5 per fixing aswell? haha!
  3. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    How you doing jarra ;)
    Bet you wish you could get goldens wages for laminate.
    Looking like a good couple of grand for 80m2 :)
    £15m2 just for the lam + skirts + door cutting :)
    Got to be £2000+ for the finished job.
    £100,000 a year laminate fitter :)
    Bet the brain surgeons are whishing they had bought a hammer an a tapping block instead of wasting all those years studying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. JarraMag

    JarraMag New Member

    I dont even need a hammer and a tapping block! I just look at it and it does it itself!
  5. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    whats the point in misquoting me to try and score points, as I said I would want £1200 to do an 80sq/m ground floor, that includes everything bar doing the skirts, thats the nature of business, someone wants something done and I tell them how much I want to do it, no-one forces them to take it and some people dont but plenty do. Just because you choose to charge £8sq/m doesnt mean I have to, that is the way the world works. If you find that crashing out floors for that rate suits your business model then great, doesnt suit me though and that is my choice. As for sneering about ripping off and charging too much, its a free world and believe me customers will pay top dollar for guaranteed quality work carried out in a professional manner, if you are doing that then you are just ripping yourself by charging a customer dictated price
  6. two sugars

    two sugars New Member

    Sorry chaps, nothing wrong with 15 holes sq/m
  7. two sugars

    two sugars New Member

    I would pull the carpets up for a brew
  8. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    All that and you still haven't said how much to do the job :)
    The op said
    "Would anybody be able to advise me on what a good price to pay for the installation."
    Now i say that "a good price" would be £8m2.
    So your £15m2 is not a "good" price but infact a "high" price.
    As for quality of work, well i've posted mine on here many times and unlike some "fitters" i fit ALL brands of flooring not just idiot proof quick-step.
    I'm not ripping myself off, i am charging a fair price.
    An average day should see around 30m2 of laminate on the floor, a bust a gut day up to maybe 50m2.
    I think £30+ per hour is more than fair for clipping a few bits of hdf together. :)
    Oh yeah......... forgot, you have to cut it!!!!!!!!
    BTW i fit miles and miles of flooring!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    Thats fine audi you price as you want, but its pretty pointless having a dig at me just because I charge more then you, if your business model is to charge what customers will pay then thats your prerogative, I will carry on deciding what I think my time, effort and skill is worth and charge accordingly, frankly I dont care if someone doesnt want something done, because high prices weed out the timewasters and nitpickers.
  10. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    ok golden but tell me this, who said........

    " I charge Around £16/hour and find that this more than funds my comfortable lifestyle. My motivation in life is not to squeeze every last penny out of customers. I work at my own pace and always produce work to the quality that I want to achieve. As for charging £300/day you are talking rubbish and just trying to talk yourself up.£40/hour have a word with yourself.Are you seriously telling me that you are pulling in £78k a year labour only. Or maybe you have had a couple of lucky jobs and pulled in some good money and decide to come on here and spout that you always charge that when in reality you charge the same as everyone else."

    yeah..............twas you wasn't it :)
  11. Once Upon A Time....

    There where people charging 300 sovs a day, driving about quoting daft money and getting takers, they would usually work a couple of days and park up for the rest of the week-those days are GONE.
  12. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    correct midnight!
  13. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    Lets get things straight audi, that is a post from 5 years ago ***. Diesel was 60p a litre etc etc. I still dont work on the basis of screwing customers I just choose to weed out timewasters and bottom feeding customers by not targeting the get it for next to nothing merchants. I think that £8sq/m on flooring and crashing out 50sq/m a day isnt what I want to do for a living. Nearly all my work is recommendation/repeat work and they all know I am not going to get into a price war to get work. Its take it or leave it and if you want to take it you are going to have to wait a couple of months to have it done. It is possible to earn £300+/day these days but the days of getting top dollar for cr*p work and unreliability ( I am not suggesting you are like this audi) are gone, if you have a good rep and back it up then there are still customers around who will pay very good money. I will run my business my way and you run yours your way, that is the nature of a free market. There will always be someone who will undercut you but my thinking is to name your price and stick to it.
  14. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    hmm, fuel was more like 80p ;)
    And me crashing out 50m2 a day does not mean the quality will suffer, i just work harder and longer.
    Now a decent days work would be 25-30m2 a day.............. lets call it 27m2.
    So 27x15=405
    5 day week, £2025 a week
    6 week hols a year leaves 46x2025 =

    Nope don't believe it!!!!!
  15. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    Oh and btw if i had a tradesman give me a price for a job and say,

    " Its take it or leave it and if you want to take it you are going to have to wait a couple of months to have it done"

    I think i would just leave it! :)
  16. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    Thats fine audi, as I have said before I dont do floors all the time wheras it is your exclusive line of work, I do a mix of furniture,kitchens,floors,doors,one-off outdoor stuff(pagodas,dovecotes and that kind of stuff), but when I do laminates and I do a fair few I get £15sq/m every single time. I dont need to prove that to you. I dont doubt your knowledge in any way shape or form(reference my recent post on the builders section to back that up), but I really dont understand your need to bang on about this. You charge £8sq/m and clearly knock out more sq/m a day than me and thats how you make your money. I do less sq/m a day and charge £15sq/m and thats how I make my money. This is getting a bit boring now.
  17. New Member

    So I need laminate flooring laying in 3 rooms, total 48m2, so your chat was very interesting. This job is in Leeds, where are you?
  18. Goldenands

    Goldenands New Member

    ALl that you do is undercut the profession you chose, the work you do i presume is non professional by thesound of it. All jobs can be rushed and the finish is the same quality as the speed skill is essencial that is just basics but the hard bit is to get a job and finish it in such a way that the neighbours call you as well, this is the knowidge of how temperature for example affect the material how much preparation needs to be done which effect the final cost. if the customer himself done the prep to my standart then i will be happy to charge less, so much for the cowboys (person who dont know how to price a job and runs away). Dont expect a builder to make cream brulee and the oppsite. You can not tell me that because its recession the bred is cheaper the accountant asks fot 150 pound less no mate prices are the same and you need to wake up or choose profession you can do and stop harming your collegues.


    Hi, New on here, just read all comments on here about laminated cost. Have estimate for laying only, upstairs, 3 bedrooms landing and stairs. Bedrooms are 13sqm, 10sqm, 6sqm and landing 3sqm plus stairs maybe 6sqm. Saint Albans London.
  20. Paul if you haven't done so, please start a new thread.

    I think there's a 'jobs' section too, although no harm in also posting it in 'carpentry' I guess (but mention it in both posts if you do multi-post).

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