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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Marty074, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. Marty074

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    Hi guys, going to install my own kitchen in a few months and have a query please. If running laminate flooring to the feet of the units is it common to use a pvc plinth sealing strip to help prevent water ingress in the event of a spillage etc? Is this quite discrete? I've seen some people mention silicone online but equally people say not to and I don't really want to do this either. Is it common to use some sort of seal strip or just fit the plinth bare and be careful? Thanks
  2. Muzungu

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    I would go for bare plinth finished edge down, never know when you might have to access under the units, change integrated appliances etc. Maybe cut edges with a smear of silicone just to seal but not to stick to adjacent unit or end panel.

    How I did mine anyway, still looks tidy some years later with just a simple straight edge to the laminate which butts up underneath the plinth to the edge of the unit feet. Easy enough to unclip in case of spillage.
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  3. nigel willson

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    Personally I’ve just made and installed new ones to our kitchen. As there painted I’ve run the paint round the bottom edge
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  4. Marty074

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    Thanks guys appreciate the help that makes sense. I was worried about any spillage getting through and in between laminate and membrane but I guess these should be few and far between.. hopefully it just doesn't happen!
  5. Roys

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    Any bare edges I put PVA on to seal, I have had the kick boards off on my new kitchen twice in the last year so I’m glad I didn’t silicone it. Of course this is to protect the edges of the kick boards, I never sealed to stop water etc getting under laminate.
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