Laminate layout orientation on floorboards

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    I've drawn out the first floor floorboard orientation. I want to lay laminate on top of the boards on the landing, front and rear bedrooms, and stairway. I am wondering what orientation the laminate should go?

    If I lay the laminate orthogonal to the direction of the floorboards (i.e same orientation as the joists) then I will have an expansion gap / doorway join between the landing and rear bedroom (where the floorboards and joists change direction. Should I try and avoid this and instead lay all in the same orientation for the first floor? (which would mean rear bedroom laminate is same direction as floorboards)

    Your thoughts much appreciated

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    lay it whatever works best for you...don’t worry about the floor underneath.
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    Laminate flooring (generally speaking) is designed to visually replicate floor boards, and as such would be laid at right angles to the joists.... The joists (again generally speaking) would normally span the shortest length of the room, and so the "floorboards" would run the longest length of the room and that is what tends to look better.
    Having said that you can actually lay the any way you like and it makes no actual difference whatsoever!

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