Laminate worktop edging (glue)

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by mitchell kitchens Joinery, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Just wondering what different glues/tapes you all use on the laminate edge strips?
  2. snezza30

    snezza30 Member

    Evo stik contact adhesive is what i have used for 30 years. If you can get hold of it the one in the green tin is the best, Ithink its called 558.

  3. biasqinc

    biasqinc Member

    agree with the above, i think travis do it.
  4. Joelp1

    Joelp1 New Member

    i use evostick timebond. imho it spreads better than the contact adhesive, as it isnt runny.
  5. joiner1959

    joiner1959 Active Member

    Used to use Thixofix by Evo Stik.Very easy to work as its a gel.Not seen it for a while, dont know if its still produced.
  6. roythehandyman

    roythehandyman New Member

    Wow joiner1959 that was a blast from the past. I used to use thixofix for large laminate surfaces as it allows for a second go if you make a bit of a hash of it. It is still on the market about £25 a ltre but I have seen small tubes on the shelves. Great stuff if you are a newbee. very easy to spread so no waste or accidents.
  7. joiner1959

    joiner1959 Active Member

    Hi, not been able to get Thixofix in my area any where (Ayrshire) Is it available from any of the national suppliers?
  8. DIY-Doctor

    DIY-Doctor New Member

    Has to be evostick for me too, used if for years, and it never gives up, unlike spray adhesives, i now use a hand helf edger with a glue pot, its a pricey machine, but if your a kitchen fiter to trade its worth the dosh
  9. It's horses for courses and I prefer PVA and and an iron, I think it gives a tighter joint and has a higher heat resistance.
  10. Baker Boy

    Baker Boy New Member

    What have you guys found is the best way to trim off the laminate edging once glued on. The bit that I have is wider than the worktop. Ant pointers are appreciated. I am using the evo stik glue as well cheers
    baker boy
  11. snezza30

    snezza30 Member

    Baker Boy, I use a Makita laminate trimmer setup, i have it set about 1/2 mm high and finish it off with a fine file.

    It can be done with a pair of electricians side-cutters, to remove the majority of the proud edge, then finished off with a file.

    It obviously takes longer this way,if you do not have the proper tool.

  12. Baker Boy

    Baker Boy New Member

    Thanks for the advice Snezza30 will give it a go. One of my many finishing off jobs today!
  13. russ295

    russ295 New Member

    sharp stanley and a block of wood, smooth with file.

  14. -chippy_john

    -chippy_john New Member

    Block plane, file, fine scratch.
  15. Bring on 1966

    Bring on 1966 New Member

    This sort of question and answers really does sort out the tradesman and the not so tradesman[if you get my drift]
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  16. blueassedfly!

    blueassedfly! New Member

    Unika worktop edging tape for me! once you use it you wont glue again! smelly timewasting substance, just run the tape on the end of the top peel of the backing and stick the edging on! laminate trimmer on it straight away takes 2mins tops!
  17. russ295

    russ295 New Member

    Puzzled how you can tell a "tradesman" by how he fits laminate edging?
    I have been using the unilka tape for a good few years and would never go back to glue. No mess or waiting about for it to dry.
    I went down the trimmer route but the bearing always got clogged up with glue. Never tried it with the tape, might dig it out of the garage and give it another go.
  18. 1966, how does it sort out tradesmen?
  19. kitchendoctor

    kitchendoctor New Member

    We use an iron on hot melt glue tape from
    Quick clean and easy
  20. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    Hey Russ, used Unika tape for the first time today, great stuff. Works really well with a laminate trimmer as the bearing doesnt get clogged at all, was masking up to avoid bearing scoring to start with but after the third end was just running the bearing straight on to the top due to no clogging no scoremarks.

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