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  1. surfermick

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    any landrover owners out there? i lived up a long and rough lane and am thinking of buying an early landrover in the hope that whilst i loose mpg i will save money on trackrod ends, steering racks, balljoints, exhausts etc. i like the idea of buying a vehicle that i can effectively own for the rest of my working life. perhaps a bit like Trigger and his broom but at least the keys would always be mine.
      i have looked at duel fuel but see that the petrol engines give very poor mpg returns compared to my preferred diesel choose.
  2. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    my main daily drive is a 1989 110 - which I have replaced the original 19J engine with a Discovery 200Tdi, this will run on SVO without modification - perhaps add a little petrol during the very cold days to thin - I average around 30mpg, I also have the transmission box from a Discovery fitted, this lengthens the gearing

    SVO will readily mix with diesel however the cost differential between SVO and diesel is much less attractive - SVO used to be approx 40p/l

    Petrol engined LRs tend to be under powered, unless you opt for the V8 (which is very thirsty, and for a V8 still under powered) - the 2.25 petrol engine as fitted in the Series III is a reliable engine, but not intended for high miles, and will give poor fuel economy - the same can be said about the 2.5 petrol engine fitted within the early 110 and 90s.

    I also have a number of S111/S11 and S1 projects - be warned they are rather addictive.
  3. surfermick

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    yes i ran transits on veg oil before everyone caught on and it became so expensive. the gas/petrol running landrovers seem so be held back by the low mpg of a large petrol engine. i have decided to opt for the diesel engine and try to keep the miles down perhaps with my bicycle or if i prove to lazy a small motorbike. my main reason for thinking along the landrover lines is the possible long term ownership.
  4. surfermick

    surfermick New Member

    my last transit terminated prematurely in my book and depreciation worked out at over £1000 per year.
  5. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    I've not long sold a 90, owned for 10 years, which sold for 1000 pounds more than I paid for it due to it's condition and originality.

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