LAP LED Floodlights Water Ingress

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Daibando, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Daibando

    Daibando New Member

    Hi, nearly every LAP LED floodlight I have installed over the last few years has failed within a year due to water ingress. Screwfix issued a leaflet suggesting they are failing due to twin and earth cable being used. Mine have been installed with round 1mm 3 core flex in accordance with the installation instructions.
    Screwfix have refunded or replaced the lights but it has left me massively out of pocket due to having to travel to the properties to uninstall the light then return with a replacement and refit. This isnt just LAP LED floodlights, I have also had issues with various other makes including red arrow, knightsbridge, luceco, ansell, to name a few.
    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  2. Sparkielev

    Sparkielev Screwfix Select

    Not had many issues with the Ansell but if you are buying LAP then what do you expect they are a budget range of fitting,
  3. Daibando

    Daibando New Member

    They should still be fit for purpose. An outside light that lets in water?
  4. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Got Luceco & another brand here, both I added some sealant around the cable gland just to be on the safe side, to prevent water ingress.
  5. robertpstubbs

    robertpstubbs Screwfix Select

    How are they failing? Are they filling up with water which shorts them? Or are integral LED units just failing anyway?

    Personally I avoid lights with integral LEDs and use lights where there is a replaceable LED lamp.
  6. unphased

    unphased Screwfix Select

    That's not really an option with LED floodlights, Robert. They have tended to be supplied with a pre-attached flex and a sealed plate containing the LEDs. If they are letting in water there must be a manufacturing quality issue.
  7. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    LAP = something beginning with C.

    I remember a few years ago I went up a ladder to investigate a faulty 400W metal halide, I undid the screw on the glass frame and got absolutely drench in freezing cold water, the light was that full you couldn't tell it had any water inside it.
  8. W. Axl Rose

    W. Axl Rose Member

    LAP is complete rubbish.
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  9. Daibando

    Daibando New Member

    I only started using Lap as screwfix is on my doorstep so easier to replace. I was using other makes which were all failing and meant a 20 min drive each way to my wholesaler. The LED units are filling with water and stop working. I have also had the pir's fill with water.
  10. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Strange that so many of these LED lights you're fitting are failing due to water ingress ? And various makes as well

    As led lighting is becoming the norm, millions of these units must be sold annually ..... I wonder what the failure rate, due to water ingress is

    Can you not form a drip loop in the cable close to entry point

    I’ve got three old style halogens at home, really cheapies, £10 jobs from
    Wickes. Changed lamps over the years but no other issues with them, probably over 15 years old

    Will eventually change to LED :eek:
  11. robertpstubbs

    robertpstubbs Screwfix Select

    If it is just a case of water getting in and staying in, then I suppose you could just drill holes in the bottom of the lights. In theory this would lower the IP rating, but it doesn’t seem like there is good IP to begin with.

    For comparison, MK Masterseal boxes have points where the instructions tell you to drill drainage holes if they are at the bottom of an installation.
  12. Pollowick

    Pollowick Screwfix Select

    I use Luceco and no issues what so ever. A little more expensive than **ap but superior in many many ways.
  13. W. Axl Rose

    W. Axl Rose Member

    KRAP accessories should be made illegal.
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  14. Comlec

    Comlec Screwfix Select

    It is already a requirement that all goods sold conform to relevant standards. One of which is to supply instructions for the correct installation and use.
    Maybe there should be a legal requirement to read them.
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  15. Bando

    Bando Member

    Are you suggesting that I installed them incorrectly? Some of these floodlights are pre wired.

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