Laser on bench top press drill slightly off centre, any way to get it realigned?

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by DavidDavidson, Aug 27, 2020.

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    So Lidl were doing an offer £99.99 for a 'home gamer' (as AvE would say) press drill (Parkside PTBM 710 A1) and the laser guide on it is about 2mm off centre (up and to the right a little) and the laser itself seems to be shining on the chuck a little too (no idea if this is normal, first press drill) for the money it seems to be a good piece of kit and bears a striking resemblance to the £280 PBD 40, almost as if they were made using mostly the same parts. :rolleyes: In fact the Lidil one comes out on top because it has a hole for LOTO on the on switch (good if you have kids I guess, you can slip a small shutter lock through) and an (anaemic) emergency stop button rather than an on off dial (unless the bosch dial doubles as a big red button) but similarities and differences aside is there any way to re-allign the laser so the cross points to where I'm drilling or should I maybe see about a replacment as while not life ruining by any means, it means drilling a number of holes in quick succession would be hard.


    PS: The drills went on sale today, so they might have all sold by now, however if you're in the market for a gear drive drill press for beginners I suggest you give this a look. Does wood, copper and mild/stainless steel with ease and comes with a manual with an exploded diagram and part numbers for everything, which is a rare sight these days.
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    This might be the same as yours? It's an Italian video but if you skip to about 3 mins it shows the laser being adjusted.

  3. DavidDavidson

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    That's great, thanks!
    The one I have is essentially the newer model of this with an LCD that monitors drill depth down to 100 micrometers (skeptical about the accuracy though looking at the 3x as expensive Bosch everything about them is the same except for the casing) and displays the RPM on the LCD too. However except for the addition of the LCD they're pretty much the same machine, just with the switch for the laser moved from the side he had opened, to the LCD blister buttons on the front, so this should serve me well.
    I might give it a go tonight (so long as there are no screws hiding under labels that can't easily be slid off) and will let you know how it goes. Hopefully the lasers on this model are held in place by screws rather than a blob of hot snot or something to shave a few pennies off each one.

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