laying engineering bricks on slab or footings

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by allrounder55, May 16, 2018.

  1. allrounder55

    allrounder55 New Member

    Hello. Im a time served plasterer. I've been asked to build a 6m x4 m concrete block shed with a double apex roof. There's an existing concrete slab which the original sheds on around 4m x 3m. I'm looking to dig out and extend the slab. My question is can I lay the bricks off the slab or I's it better to lay off a footing ? I'd have to dig a small trench around the existing slab. I'm not using concrete blocks below dpc. Only above then the blocks are being rendered. Tiled roof felt and battens first.
  2. allrounder55

    allrounder55 New Member

    I don't know what existing brickwork, blockwork is already there. Until the sheds demolished and the sites cleared. If I lay off a slab im at dpc level already?
  3. Masoud Anwar

    Masoud Anwar New Member

    hello mate, did you complete this shed project? if so how did you go about the foundations? i.e how deep was your trench around the slab to support concrete block pls

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