Laying reclaimed floorboards on subfloor

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Laying reclaimed floorboards on subfloor

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  1. Spax screws or nails?

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  2. Screw or nail

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  1. Coombesy

    Coombesy New Member

    Hi All,

    We are shortly carrying out some building renovations and decided to install reclaimed wood flooring in place of the laminate currently laid. It appears our joists run in the opposite direction required for simple installation so we were told to install some 18mm OSB subfloor and lay the reclaimed floor on top. The reclaimed floor in 9" wide and 30mm deep and needed help deciding with to screw on nail down securely and prevent cupping etc. Two different people suggested either spax screws or tut nails but I have no knowledge with regards to fixings, do these options sound correct?... Please help

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