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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by sparky Si-Fi, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. sparky Si-Fi

    sparky Si-Fi Screwfix Select

    I have been working on an older property the past couple of days,sorting out flickering downlighters,adding extra sockets and so-forth.

    I had to move a light switch in one room and on inspection of the ceiling rose found a host of lead cables.........:( oh dear....probably the whole d/stairs is like this!

    I am in the process of waiting for my half day assesment for NIC enrolment,which some of you might know,but on the recently new CU is a business label of an NIC approved sparks? who from what I gather just changed the CU (Have to ask owner if he got a cert for it,should have done)

    No lead cables are visible inside the CU but I did find a couple of VIR's tucked away

    While I was there,amazed they were in such good nick, still gave me 40megs on an insulation test!

    Being ripped out though whatever!
  2. The Trician

    The Trician New Member

    Yes, VIRs seem to last well, so long as they haven't been exposed to sunlight or excessive heat. Pulled out a couple of em myself last w/end when I made my hall lighting into a 2 -way arrangement. The things were like bl00dy new. These were a legacy from a rewire to pvc around 30yrs ago, so god knows how long they were there before this. Also found a roll of Lead twin on a job recently, must have been about the imperial equivalent of 50 metres left, and it weighed a bl00dy ton! Thank goodness for PVC!!
  3. RES

    RES New Member

    Sorry to be ignorant, but what is/are VIR?
  4. The Trician

    The Trician New Member

    Vulcanised India-Rubber! What cables used to be insualted with in the good old days!
  5. Damocles

    Damocles New Member

    Vulcanised India Rubber?
  6. RES

    RES New Member

    Good god! That must be pre-war! Apparently we stopped using Indian rubber during the war 'cos the Hun kept sinking the ships en route. International Synthetic Rubber (ISR) was brought into being because of it. I really must get out more.
  7. The Trician

    The Trician New Member

    Me too!

    Well, YOU Did ask....:)
  8. Tired-old-git

    Tired-old-git New Member

    just reminded me of my old rewire days for the london borough of southwark council house/flats rewires in old insitu conduit we used loads of fairy liquid to pull in new pvc into conduits and as u say the old vir was coming out like new cables after a coulpe of inches from switch/sockets ect, but by christ some of em were tight i used to wrap my hammer on to cables and hang with body weight to pull some of em out ... those were the days sigh ...often a pint in the old kent road lunch times and of to the stippers on fridays for a bit of letching the old slappers:) down surrey docks and other glorious shitey holes .... happy days sigh!

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