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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Helen2636, Jul 12, 2018.

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    20180711_210203_resized_1(1).jpg I've recently had some flashing replaced on a lean to conservatory. The leek was a mess so needed doing! I managed to get the roofer out and he did a fab job very neat and totally flush against the conservatory roof.

    He mentioned adding extra length to the side as the internal leek was quite bad.I never questioned him as I was at work at the time so probably wasn't listening properly.

    I couldn' take time off wotk last minute so job was done wile I was out.

    On closer inspection this morning the lead flashing seems to just hang over on the edges. Should this be flush with the conservatory and brick wall? Theres A smallish hole where it's not pushed in...surely water / draft would get through?

    Thought it was fine but after thinking about it this morning thought I'd double check.
  2. rogerk101

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    From a functional point of view, this looks good.
    From an aesthetic point of view, it could be better.
    The flashing is at the bottom of a short piece of vertical wall and at the top of a sloping lean-to roof; so the only time it'll be spilling water from the spiller is when you have driving rain in high winds. Depending on where you live, this may happen frequently or never. If it were my conservatory here in Oxford, I would shorten the lead overhang and wrap it down the side of the conservatory roof rather than create a spiller. Lead is very easy to work with, so you could just trim it and wrap it around yourself with a rubber/wooden mallet or even just a piece of hefty dowel (anything that doesn't have any sharp bit on it).
  3. Helen2636

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    Thanks for the advice. I'l get some ladders and have a go this weekend.
    Yes we had terrible rain last year also affecting the gable end (annother issue!)

    Does it need sealing with lead sealant tho after I fold the edges?
  4. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Well-Known Member

    No - in all the time I've worked on houses, I have never used a sealant, and never had a problem.
  5. Helen2636

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    That's 1 less thing to buy then! I'l try it this weekend, thanks for your help.:)

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