Lead Sealant and Bostick Flashband

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by DeeMarie, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. DeeMarie

    DeeMarie New Member

    My folks lead valley started leaking a few years ago, they never thought about a proper replacement repair job beyond slapping some lead sealant over the cracks every few years.

    This year they've been trying since June to find a roofer to properly replace but have been let down. My dad bought some Bostik Flashband as a temporary repair for winter but when I went to roll it down the valley, it stuck all the way til it hit the lead sealant patches then wouldn't stick. I see products like Lead Mate are silicone based and I believe bitumen based products don't adhere to it.

    Any advice on getting this to stick? Cleaning it is a pita but Scewfix support said even using a primer won't work. I'm guessing slapping some Black Jack over it won't work either. Any suggestions on cleaning up the lead beyond a wire brush?
  2. Multiskillmaster

    Multiskillmaster New Member

    Get a fibreglass roofer to coat the valley lead . Quick fix... the “right” way is to renew lead.
    But there are lots of amazing tanking/waterproofing compounds nowadays. Contact Sika they do miracle stuff you can paint on...they can even painted on wet surfaces.
  3. DeeMarie

    DeeMarie New Member

    Cheers. I went up and used some Geocel on the problem areas, tested a small patch afterwards with the flashband and it seemed to stick. Will wait til it goes off, see if it leaks and then roll the rest of the flashband down as added measure. Then pray for a proper roofer.

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