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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by PaintandMore, Jul 22, 2020.

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    Had a new boiler fitted jan/feb this year. The plumber tied the ballcock up in the expansion tank in loft to drain the system, subsequently must have damaged the valve as it leaked overnight flooding two floors, damaging and destroying carpets, ceilings, furniture and causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. One ceiling has only just been replaced (due to lockdown) at my expense. They are denying all responsibility. ps. all the work was terrible and they have still not fitted a thermostat to the boiler even though they signed it off saying one was fitted. Ignoring communication.
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    Sorry to hear this. I would suggest getting another company to review the installation (as a paid exercise), and go get legal advice. You might have access to a legal advice line through your house insurance or employment benefit. Likely this will end up as small claims, it will need heaps of documentation, evidence, proof that you've provided the installer chance to remedy etc.

    One thing, this process will be stressful and there is always the chance that the trader can't/won't pay and/or trading company is liquidated. In terms of whether to proceed, you need to determine if the stress and effort will be worth the potential return.
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    1. Bit of an assumption that the plumber "... damaged the valve ...".
    2. The expansion tank should have had an overflow pipe which would have safely carried excess water coming in via the inlet valve to outside the property.
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    He said the value was old and rusted and was an 'act of God' that it failed after they touched it (after initially denying they had touched it at all) and that the overflow pipe was crooked. Surely work they had done should have been checked by them before they left to ensure that there was not any problems and everything was working correctly and advise if not.
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    I have experienced exactly the same issue at a customers house. Tied up the ball valve, drained down, done work, released valve, and the valve didn’t stop filling. Luckily I caught it before it overflowed but I think it’s fair to expect the valve to work as it should. I expect my particular valve hadn’t opened for years as the F&e water level stayed constant and something had perished or seized. The valve was used in a way that it was designed for and it failed. Putting the quality of the rest of the job aside, I think you’ve just been very unlucky and I hope your house insurance will cover your loss.
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